Xbox Lighting Glitch

My game seems to be having this odd glitch where a sphere around the player is being cast in complete shadow. This is using Technology.ShadowMap.

It seems another user has also reported the same problem, so I am not alone here.
The lighting appears fine on PC and my phone, so this glitch only seems to be affecting Xbox.
I’m not sure when this started happening, as I only noticed it when testing my game on Xbox today, and haven’t otherwise played it on Xbox before.


Hi @pa00, thanks for the report. We should hopefully have a fix for this soon.


Not to pile onto this. but for my game (linked here) we’re working on getting the game to play well on Xbox so we can turn on that platform. However, when using ShadowMap or Future (for Technology under Lighting) there are tons of visual artifacts. I’m posting the video of Xbox here, but just note none of this happens on Computer or Tablet/Phone.