Xnair Secure Sword (Anti Exploit Sword)

We have made a secure sword as Xnair to avoid SF exploiters.

The Model: Xnair Secure Sword - Roblox
Test Place: Cool Sword - Roblox

Hey I found this post coincidentally but decided to give it a few tests. Although it can handle scaling, it doesn’t appear to handle position changes.

This is the code I used for this test:

	sword.Position = workspace.Dummy:GetPivot().Position

Which resulted in this

Maybe you could consider encrypting the handle’s CFrame in object space relative to the Grip. and aligning based on that

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If your sword is well scripted, there is no need to do an anti exploit.

You first should not use a remote event to start your server sided code as the “Tool.Activated” also work in server sided script, why wouldn’t use it ?

Also using touched to cast damages is a very bad practice, you should use a raycast or magnitude instead (in a script using ToolActivated), which is a lot better overall.

I will focus on fixing vulnerabilities.

I’ve fixed some vulnerabilities, you can test it on the place. Also @Lauri9 currently I did not made any fix to your code because it’s very obvious that it is an exploit.

Makes sense although thats only how it looks on the client doing it. On the server it would look like the person is just swinging their sword so they could put a condition where it’d just look like reach.

Fixed another vulnerabilities, currently I’ve decide to obfuscate not only encryption module but also Server and LocalScript to ensure the full security. If you do not trust than you do not have to use it.
(Currently you can only test it on the place, I’ve closed the model temporarily)

wow bro you fixed it so well !!!
robloxapp-20230224-1611419.wmv (1.7 MB)

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the item is not for sale

read correctly

but english is not my first language so i can’t read correctly

The reply clearly says the model is temporarily closed.

I have reopen the module (I were not expecting those attentions)

  • You have to know this version is still exploitable after a hard effort, but all of the exploiters have to update their scripts. So this will probably be best solution for a long while.
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