xPuff_le | UI/UX Designer, Scripter, Graphics Designer

Hola, I’m Puff! I’m a UI/UX designer and scripter on the roblox platform and have been scripting since 2019. I’ve been designing GFX, ui elements and more since around 2018 (I did all the graphics for this portfolio). Scripting and UI go hand in hand for me! I’ve also developed/am developing for many popular hotel/cafe groups, but I’d like to move to a different genre now. Here’s a little list of some you may have heard of :arrow_down: :slight_smile:

Just a list

(Accurate as of: 7/17/22)

Main Showcase (Top 5 projects)

:construction::man_construction_worker::hammer:THIS SECTION IS NOT COMPLETE :construction::man_construction_worker::hammer:

#1: Noil Intro/Menu

#2: IHOP (Group)
  • Donation Board

  • This donation board (image 1) loads the top 50 donators. Players can choose a donation button to the left and donate that amount. The board also gives you special chat features (image 2). If you donate a certain amount, it will give you a chat tag and chat color everytime you type in chat (yes, alot of repetitive use of the word “chat”).
  • Tipping System

(Custom animations will be made soon :joy:)

I don’t exactly have a “place” for all my assets since they’re spread out in the world of roblox, but I can link some games I’ve worked on.

Links To Games

This isn’t my best ui, but it was what was requested. :woman_shrugging:

Oh what’s that? You’re too lazy to join all the games? Okay, here’s some screenshots/gifs for you. :unamused:

Screenshots -n- Gifs for lazy people
Puff's Forums

Puff’s Forums


NOIL - Game Concept

Boho Salon

Boho Salon

Snowflake Hotels

Snowflake Hotels

Tastiez Cafe

Tastiez Cafe

Waypoint Hotels

Waypoint Hotels

Wyatt Hotels

Wyatt Hotels

The Iron Cafe

The Iron Cafe

Yes I know the settings panel had a broken dropdown; It has since been fixed but I was too lazy to re-record. :joy:

Summit Hotels

Summit Hotels



Here’s more in-def explanations on what I can do (and can’t :joy:):





  • String maniupulation (Can be used for in-game moderation commands; ;kick xpuff ew noobie)
  • Datastores & Ordered Datastores
  • Tweening
  • Value Manipulation (Can be used for inventory UI)
  • HTTP Service (Discord webhooks, 3rd party resources)*
  • Messaging Service (Can be used for global server to server interactions, a global announcement for all servers)
  • Camera Manipulation (Can be used for intros)
  • Raycasting**
  • Other basic scripting
  • Basic Pets (Must provide models, I’m not a modeler :joy::sweat_smile:)**
Things I cannot do

As much as I’d love to say I can do these, I can’t.

  • Vehicles (This includes, but not limited to); Boats, Cars, Planes, etc.
  • Anything to do with Trello’s API, I just don’t understand it :sob:

* Could use a little bit more work
** Could use a lot more work







  • Song request logger: image

Scripting and UI go hand and hand for me so there’s not really any good examples here :sweat_smile:

You may ask me to do an example, or ask me if I can do {insert your idea here}.

Due to schoolwork and other development groups, I’ll be pretty tight on time, but I’m generally available for quick commissions. More information below

I AM CURRENTLY NOT TAKING FULL-TIME DEVELOPMENT JOBS FROM GROUPS WITH LESS THAN 50K MEMBERS This is because I’m already at max groups. You may however commission me if I’m available!

Payment options:

  • Zelle (USD)
  • Amazon Gift Cards (USD) ~ Most Preferred
  • Cash App (USD) ~ Most Preferred
  • PayPal (USD) ~ Preferred

USD payments must be verified (the pending wait time, unless it’s an abnormal amount of time) before I send the asset. This is due to how easily I can be scammed out of a commission with USD.

**THESE ARE NOT FIXED PRICES. THEY ARE ESTIMATES, **. It’s more of a ballpark estimate, the actual price mostly depends on the difficulty and time spent completing the commission, but from my past experiences/payments here are the approximate prices;

:white_check_mark: - Available
:x: - Unavailable

  • :white_check_mark: Small UI/UX Design & Scripting Job (Ex: Game Intro/Main Menu):
  • $15 - $30
Smol Example

  • :white_check_mark: Medium UI/UX Design & Scripting Job (Ex: Hotel’s HUD):
  • $30 - $50
Medium Example

  • :x: Large UI/UX Design & Scripting Job (Ex: Full game UI, Complicated/Detailed HUD):
  • $50 - $100+
Large Example

  • :white_check_mark: GFX (Ad):
  • $5 - $7
GFX (Ad) Example

(7/6/22) Current number of commissions: 0

0 ~ No one (Group:)

Again, it depends on the complexity, the length, and overall ability to do said job. I have the right to decline commissions if I feel as if I do not have the knowledge to complete them. I also have the right to decline commissions if I feel as if you’re trying to scam me. If I feel as if you’re trying to con me out of a commission, I will block all contact with you and recycle the work I’ve already done.

Terms and stuff

i - Doing your commission

~ I ask alot of questions… Let’s just get that out of the way. :sweat_smile: I only do so to make sure you absolutely LOVE your commission. When doing a GFX I will send the asset with a watermark, once payed in full I will send the full GFX without a small watermark in the corner. When doing a UI/Scripting job I will create a “Test Place” for you to explore. Once paid, I will send you a .rbxm file (a roblox model file). I might take a while due to me getting distracted very easily :joy: (I have adhd :man_shrugging:)

ii - Paying me

~ I will do your commission half-way and ask for half pay, when I finish your commission I will ask for full pay then I will send the full asset.

iii - Refunds

~ I do not accept refunds. This is due to ROBLOX having a fee, and the wait time (Around 7-14 days for pending funds + “new group member wait time”).

iv - Important Notes

  • I do not use my microphone on discord.
  • I do NOT accept group percentages.
  • I do not accept refunds.
  • I have the right to decline any commission for any reason.
  • You may decline the commission at any time but if work is over halfway done you will have to pay me half pay (as stated in ii).
  • Upon payment, I have the right to use the work for my portfolio, showcasing, personal use, etc. but not for commercial or profitable use. (I may very rarely re-use some past code to speed up work for future projects, but this will be generally a simple function or 2 as everything is pretty much custom made from scratch)
  • Failure to comply with these terms will result in an immediate termination of service to your commission and every asset related to your commission.
  • You do not have to enlist me in your credits, but you must not claim that YOU or any other persons besides me has created your commission; If someone asks who made your asset, you must credit me by saying it was created by xPuff_le. (Added 2/18/2021)
  • If I find out you have been involved in some sort of shady business, no matter if it was once, I will most likely not take your commission/cancel. (Added 6/28/2022)
  • If I do cancel your commission: (Added 6/28/2022)
    i ~ If you have not paid anything then all rights to such assets are mine and will be removed from your game.
    ii ~ If the commission is halfway done or more and you have paid for the assets I have completed so far - they may be yours (UNLESS I canceled because you are a scammer/were involved in fishy business :unamused:).
  • (This isn’t really a term/condition but rather kind of a heads up): If I block you randomly, this is because your commission has been canceled (I don’t usually do this as I’d usually tell you when I’ve canceled your commission, but if I do don’t take it to heart - I just wanna clear my dms :joy:). I only really do this for scammers, but if you’re: unprofessional, rude, super super vague/uncaring/confusing, or if I found out something about you that isn’t too nice, I’ll probably block you. (Added 7/6/2022)


~ Why do you have to pay half price halfway through?
This is due to me getting constantly scammed out of commissions in the past. I’d like to be insured that I’m compensated for my hard work and time. Sorry for any inconveniences. :woman_shrugging:

~ Why will there be a small watermark on a GFX if I paid for it?
This acts as a safety measure so none of my work gets stolen without credit. You can request for the watermark to be removed, but you must credit me in the description of your game (I.E.: Graphics by xPuff_le). :joy: Sorry for any inconveniences, but you could only thank all the plagiarists that made the internet the way it is. :unamused:

Watermark Example

(Check in the bottom left and top right, I try to make the watermark as flush and/or hidden as possible as to not deface the artwork)


:roblox: Here on the devforum :man_shrugging:

Thanks for your time! :slight_smile:
(Last edit: 6/28/22)


I can vouch. He works with me in nearly all those groups. One of my best friends and he is very talented. One of the cheapest and most advanced scripters out there. :grin: :+1:

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I can vouch for this portfolio.

I’ve never simultaneously worked with Puff, but he’s done commissions for groups I work at. The quality of his work is outstanding, and he optimizes his work as much as possible. I definitely recommend hiring him.


Your discord is not working message me here I want to order: 𝐋𝐄𝐆#0999

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Hi please can you add me on discord, I can’t seem to find you. Unable2017#9058


Sorry about that guys, I was on vacation and forgot I changed my discord username. :joy: My current one is: Back from vacay#2520. My coms are closed atm though. So… Many… People…



Portfolio Update

Some things have been going on in my personal life and I am closing this portfolio for a little bit. I am sorry for any inconviences, I also have way too many commissions stacked on top of each other and will no longer be replying to anyone who wishes to commission me. Thank you ;/

This is no longer valid! (6/21/21)


If you are looking for a UI designer, do not choose anyone but Puff! He is a great guy with so much experience and hot-looking designing skills.

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hello I would like to invite you to work with our team on zombie task force im ROWG_Leader#3822 on discord

Would give a 0% review, all going well at Start until Puffle decides to back-out for an unknown reason. Now the Application Center is broken, and the Training Center is delayed by 3-4 weeks.

Puffle is a very trusted & professional scripter, I worked for Kitten’s Hotels and I was so impressed with his works.

I leaked your script by mistake and gave you the refund and told me that you’ll take it down, but you never did. that’s called scamming.

Well, there’s something called personality so you don’t need to reply to every dev that contributed for your group and try to ruin their reputation. you literally do that to everyone.

@SimplySpec @BankrollAbd Please don’t fight on my portfolio, take it into the DMs.

Besides that, the app center was broken before I was contacted. I went and did some work on it and had made it work again with my own ranking api but then decided to cancel everything for a reason which I’m sure I don’t want public. Again, I am sorry and I ended it as professionally as possible. Please also note, I was never sent money and made sure that it was clear that you did not need to pay for anything as I had removed all my assets. I am sorry for the inconvenience, but it does say in my terms that:

Thank you for your time, and I’m truly sorry it had to end off on this note.

~ xPuff_le

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Hey! Love your portfolio. I’m looking for a UI animator for my game Superhero Warzone. Please hit me up if interested. Good luck!