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THIS PORTFOLIO HAS BEEN REPLACED BY MY NEW, UPDATED ONE: xPuff_le | UI/UX Designer, Scripter, Graphics Designer

  • I know a little bit of everything, but I’m a master to none
    • GFX – Good
    • Scripting – Very good :fire:
    • UI – Good

*These are in my opinion, feel free to leave feedback and I’ll adjust accordingly

  • I own a small cafe; mostly inactive but you can find it here;
    Tide Caḟe - Roblox
    I scripted, UI Designed, and built the entire cafe building with some help of @MrDurpy01.

  • I have a DA, here’s the link;
    xPuffle - Hobbyist, Digital Artist | DeviantArt

  • I like making simple models with customizable settings so that it’s easy to use.

  • I’m a little newer to the DevForum than most but I’m already starting to like it :slight_smile:

  • I try my hardest not to quit – No I’m not trying to butter myself up lmao this is geniune.

  • I have one older username; puffle67678 – Yes I know it’s cringey. Lmao.

I have heavy experience with (Stuff that I can do very quickly and easily);

  • TweenService
  • Basic values storage (Like values in inventories)
  • UI/GUI
  • Datastores
  • Ordered Datastores
  • Basic scripting (lol)
  • Roblox → Discord Messaging (HTTPService) (Only Roblox to Discord, not Discord to Roblox)
  • Messaging Service

I have good experience with (Stuff that I can do but might take a little trial and error);

  • Camera manipulation
  • Plugin making
  • GFX
  • Ranking Systems (I made an API for it, but I’d like to make it cleaner)
  • “Global” Databases (Uses google sheets, again I made an API for it)

Stuff I can improve on (Not fully sure how to use, but if I take a glance at a tutorial or the API reference manual I can get back on track);

  • Welding I currently use a plugin that does welding for me
  • Constraints
  • Body forces
  • Rays and raycasting
Some people I've deved for

Not full list!!

  • Friends of course :wink:
  • And meeeeeeee lol
  • Updated ~ 5/15/2020

Some of my past GFX

My older avatar laying on a brick wall

My older discord icon

Group photo of my friends (Yes, my older username is there. I made this a long time ago.)

Just a noob with a sword e.e

Neon Outline

Playing With Toys

My Twitch Icon (Current)



Again, not full list!!

Hotel Check-In System

(Took me a while to make and I was thinking of selling it but I believe you’re not allowed to do that anymore, correct me if I’m wrong)




Other Staff



If you would like to try the kit yourself, here’s a link;


I don’t have a test place for this but options for the panel include;

  • Showing player info such as Player Names, UserIds, If they’re banned, Player Icon
  • 1 Day Ban - 3 Day Ban - 7 Day Ban - Permanent Ban Options
  • Unban
  • Auto-Unban; When time is up. Ex; 1 day ban
  • Reason
  • Shows ban logs with info such as Player Name, Type of ban, Moderator Name, Player Icon
  • Reports – Mod call
  • Customizable settings
  • Updates reports and bans in live time (Uses Messaging Service)



(It’s a module script in the model.)

(What a moderator sees when they open it up for the first time)


(Note; this wasn’t here by default. This is an example.)

(Note; this wasn’t here by default. This is an example.)


Mod call Panel

Confirmation before sending the Mod Call report

You can get the model here;
ModCallHandler - Roblox


I don’t have a test place for this also but options for the playerlist include;

  • Serverban
  • Kick
  • Reason
  • Customizable settings; Moderators, Admins, Colors, Overhead GUI
  • Overhead GUI


Hard to showcase entire asset since there’s only 1 player - me


(It’s a module script in the model.)

Using default settings;

PlayerList - Regular Player

PlayerList - Moderator

PlayerList - Administrator

PlayerList Options

  • Normal; image
  • When Clicked; image

You can get the model here;
CustomLeaderboard - Roblox

Feedback UI

Options for the FeedbackUI include;

  • Multiple topics a user can leave feedback on
  • Smooth UI transitions/animations
  • Uses HTTPService to post responses to a discord webhook
  • Customizable settings; DiscordWebhooks B)



(It’s a module script in the model.)

  • I already made a topic on this, so that’s why I’m not really going to really post anymore here. Here’s the link, if you wish to see it fully; [Feedback] Feedback UI design

You can get the model here; FeedbackGUILoader - Roblox

If you would like to try the GUI yourself, here’s a link; Feedback UI (Test) - Roblox

One of my latest projects ;)

Puff’s forums

  • A somewhat DevForum inspired forums game
  • Smooth UI transitions/animations
  • Uses HTTPService to log everything to multiple discord webhooks
  • Uses messaging service to update posts in real time, and other stuff

  • DataCenter
  • It’s for Forum Admins/Owners only ATM, so I will not provide any screenshots/video of it. (But it’s REALLLLLLLY cool :wink: )


*Scripting and UI for me go hand in hand so I grouped them as one.

I am available for around maybe six hours on the weekends (For asset making). You can contact me any time, but I PREFER not to work during the week due to school/recreational.

I have the right to decline commisions, if I don’t feel like I’m capable or if I do not wish to “work” I can say no. If I suspect you may be trying to scam me I will cancel your request and block all contact with you.

Prices are negotiable, pay per asset depending on the difficulty, quality, complexity, time spent on project, or what I overall see fit. My preferred payment method is robux through group funds, T-Shirt, etc, but I do NOT accept group percents as a payment option.
I will send you a test copy of the asset (GFX with watermark, Asset test place, etc) once you pay, I will send the entire Asset.

You can contact me at;

  • Discord – yOoO Im GOoD :blush:#3952 I don’t use my mic.
  • DevForum

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

*Note; If I make a change to anything here it is expected to be in full effect as soon as posted.

Terms updates

Terms Updates

Terms Update 2/5/2020;

  • I do not accept group percents.
  • If I suspect that you may be trying to scam me, I will cancel your request and block all contact with you.

Terms Update 3/13/2020;

  • I don’t use my mic on discord

I really like your GFXs they are very incredible especially the toy and neon lighting one. Keep up the great work!


Thank you very much, I appreciate it. :smiley: B)

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Might want to remove the open source things since they aren’t for sale.

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Omg, thank you so much for telling me. They were supposed to be on sale. Yikes…

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Happens, wasn’t going to mention it since I mis-clicked the link.

Lol, I did some build for that XD

Hey I would like to hire you for a scripting job your discord didn’t work for me can you add me please Sam,#1919

…? Uh… What do you mean by;


Also to all the others;

  • I’m so sorry I haven’t been active. Something came up irl and I’m kinda stressed/sad… I’m getting over it but it’s okay. This may be off topic but it explains my inactivity.
  • Also the discord didn’t work because I changed my name. I changed it back so it should work. – Referencing; Aatlxs_Dev

Tide cafe, you said you did all of it? Lel

Right, my bad. Sorry lel.

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Lol Alg, have. Question, check discord

No offense, but the UIs seem copied. More specifically, from Roblox’s Got Talent. They have the same ban panel format, and it has been in the game for as long as I can remember.

You should try changing up the mod panel/ban panel UI.

Also, try doing some enhancements to the UI. Such as rounding the frames, ripple buttons, etc.

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LOL, I didn’t even realize how similar it was from Roblox’s Got Talent, my bad.

It’s kind of an older UI I made (but not rlly), and I’ll keep in mind enhancing it more if I change it up in the future.

Thanks for the feedback. xd

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Hi! I’m interested in your work and added you via discord

3/10, did some work for me. He then quit and abused commands causing mass dislikes in my game.

Do you have proof? 30charsssss

He never did this and there was no proof. He told me that you were toxic to him.