Yard Work Simulator | change-log week 3

We’ve released our ONE MILLION visits update for Yard work simulator :penguin: :star2:

We’ve achieved 1 MILLION place visits!!!
:star2: Huge thank you to every single one of you! :star2:

What’s changed recently?
Bug fixes, UI updates, storage of early-game bags have been buffed and lots of new content for you to enjoy our 1,000,000 place visit update!

Changes in depth:

  • A new area ‘Mushroom Meadow’ for rebirth 10+ and 100,000+ grass farmed
  • Overhead ranks
    — Bronze - 10,000 grass
    — Silver - 25,000 grass
    — Gold - 50,000 grass
    — Platinum - 100,000 grass
    — Diamond - 250,000 grass
    — Master - 500,000 grass
    — Grandmaster - 750,000 grass
    — God - 1,000,000 grass

Two new honey and bee styled items :honeybee:

Item Descriptions

Bag Descriptions

Intermediate Bag - “A small handy bag, great for starting out”
Advanced Bag - “Small but useful, easy to carry about.”
Super Bag - “A larger and more comfortable bag”.
Professional Bag - “A wide and vibrant bag”.
Extreme Bag - “Significantly larger bag, military-grade style”.
Trash Bag - “Old but gold, tons of room to fill”.
Small Canister - “Usually holds trash, however, a large roomy bag for you”.
Large Canister - “Stretched out canister with a bit area to fit stuff inside”.
Banana Bag - “Vibrant and colourful, although, don’t slip”.
Trash bin - “Make sure it’s clean, although, it makes a great disguise”.
Treasure Chest - “What treasures may this hold?”
Water Tank - “Huge space, usually for water, this time for storage”.
Pillow Case - “Multi-use: sleep, work and a… PILLOW FIGHT!!!”
JetPack - “Fly into the sky with sleek style and an expensive taste”.
Compost Bin - “Room for two, an unreal amount of space inside”.
Dumpster - "So much space that some say it’s unfillable, up for the challenge?
Infinite Bag - “Unlimited power!!!”
beehive bag - “The queen’s nest, a million workers and a large protective fortress, what else can you need?”.
Penguin Pack - “So cute and harmless, your handyman, instantly sells giving you unlimited storage.”

Tool Descriptions

Garden rake - “Wooden poker with the thick pointy end”.
Shovel - “Decent quality, good and reliable tool to get you started.”.
Yard Rake - “An even sharper and more pokey stick”.
Leaf Blower - “An unstoppable amount of air, useful for hair drying too!”.
Grass Killer - “A stylish can, who doesn’t want one?”.
Scythe - “Grim Reapers day off”.
Machete - “A sharp and long blade, perfect for the long grass”.
Weed Trimmer - “Slices the lawn away at unimaginable speeds”.
Push Lawn Mower - “If you’ve got to do manual labour, might as well have a helping hand”.
Lawn Mower - “REEEEEEEEEE…”.
Wizard Staff - “Unique and wonderful creation, luckily we were able to get hold of such power”.
Sickle - “Robloxians - 1, grass - 0, ez”.
Holy Blade - “A blessed blade so powerful a majestically mist surrounds it at all times”.
Zeus’s Staff - “God of lightning, zap the grass away with precision and raw strength”.
Fertilizer Bag - "Handy bag, it reads ‘side effects of extreme growth’ on the label.
FlameThrower - “An unstoppable flame ready to set ablaze to anything in its way”.
Honey stick - “Holding the power of the bees has never felt so superior”.

  • Buffed Intermediate bag (250 storage)
  • Buffed Advanced bag (750 storage)
  • Buffed Super bag (2000 storage)
  • Created a huge range of Particles for tools.
    — Leafblower includes particle
    — Spray bottle includes particle
    — Honey stick includes particle
    — Holy Blade includes particle
  • Fixed Holy Blade to have a visible particle
  • Fixed a range of minor bugs

COMING SOON: (unreleased content)

- Tools:
— Lightsaber image
— Plasma
— Spray bottle

Previous changelog:

Special code for those who took the time to read this!!! :sunglasses: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
[Case sensitive]: 1MILLION

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