Yard Work Simulator | change-log week 4


Friday update #4!!!

What’s changed recently?
We’ve got a small, but significant update!!! We’re so close to 2,000,000 place visits, I can’t wait for next Friday to get that huge 2M place visits update released #HYPE :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Changes in depth:

  • Turtle backpack (3,000 storage) (exclusive code for Tofuu)
  • Cash backpack (3,000 storage) (exclusive for Gone Gaming Studios members)
  • Item Icons
  • (New) Farming System, now server sided.
  • Music for each specific area
  • Chat updated to include player left, joined and followed you into the game
  • Gamepass icons updated
    (Massive thanks to @Breezy_design for his commision!)

Want some fan art to be shown to our community? :paintbrush:

We’re looking for creative art to be displayed across our game so feel free to tweet at me @HeadlessHorror or if you’re a member of the DevForum message me with your creation and I will possibly feature it on the game!!!

Little bit of practice I had at making glows in a render, in Blender :smirk_cat:

Previous changelog:

Special code for those who took the time to read this!!! :man_farmer: :mage:
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Yard Work Simulator | change-log week 5

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