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For your renders do you use paintrigv3?

I used paintrig v3 for 2 of them. For the others i used Boy rig 3.0 and the Ultimate rig.


Are the prices for the Icon GFX negociable, depending on the complexity?

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Yes, they are.


I vouch for @DobDev. We’ve both been working on a game called, Popcorn Simulator together which is soon to be released. He has an awesome personality and a great work ethic. I’d definitely recommend him to anyone who’d like to order from him.

Keep and eye out for the games Dob and I are creating! :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :alien:

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Hi! Are your commissions still open?

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Yeah, my commissions are still open.

Awesome! I’ve been considering making a restaurant game where you make your own restaurant, I might consider purchasing a logo, icon and 2 or 3 thumbnails from you soon!

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I have now updated the portfolio.

I DMed you in DevForum as my discord is disabled.

We can talk on discord soon tho

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Which is font you use in the Juice logo?

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I’m loving these GFXs, especially thumbnails. Are you still open for commissions?

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Im pretty sure the font is called Bubblegum

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this is for the 30 characters

I love this portfolio. The detail is incredible. Definitely a great designer.

Your work is outstanding, keep up the good work

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Thats very nice of you, thank you so much! :smile:

Added a new category for my latest work

Just added you on discord!


These logos are amazing, I love the texture & the designs you made with them, I totally recommend Dob! :smiley: