Yeti’s Spires of Despair Devlog #1 | Quest system, lobby revamp, 2 new spires and more

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Well hello there! As promised, exactly a week after the first devlog I’ve made a new one. To be honest, I’ve been really enjoying working on YSoD, And I’ve added a ton of new features!.

Let’s go over all the big ones one by one, shall we.

Quest system

As I discussed in my previous devlog, YSoD is supposed to be a fun, rpg-obby mix. And so, I’ve made a demo of a quest system!
note: data does not save yet, as there isn’t really anything to be saved. - quest being taken - quest being completed

Complete lobby revamp

after writing devlog #0, I looked back at the lobby and cringed. I mean come on! It’s a grey block in some random field with barely any decoration, so, I decided to revamp the whole thing.

SoOT and SoR portals and the difficulty chart together

right to left, a windmill, the community zone hut, difficulty chart legend, and the hobbit hole

Pupper therapy room. Take a break from obbies, exploring, whatever and just enjoy the puppies.

Winroom balcony.

A ship with sailors from another realm. They’ve seen many things.

The great mountain river, giving power to all life

The way to SoS’s portal
and much, much more that I couldn’t possibly fit in into 1 devlog.


As you’ve seen in the quest system, I’ve made a main menu! The ui is very basic and doesn’t have a lot of features as of now, but it’s a start!
footnote: teleporting from place to place doesn’t work in studio, that’s why the button doesn’t work, but the logic is done.

list of spires in the game

Refer to this list if you’ve forgotten where to find a spire, or its difficulty.

Spire of Relaxatation (abbr. SoR)
Made by: me
difficulty: mid easy
picture of spire frame:
How to get to portal: enter the small wooden building, the portal will be there.

Spire of Oversimplified Tutorialisation (abbr. SoOT) (Tutorial tower)
made by: me
difficulty: high easy
picture of spire frame:
How to get to portal: turn right once you spawn

Spire of Fish Eating (abbr. SoFE) (my favourite one so far)
made by: me
difficulty: high/top easy
picture of spire frame:
how to get to portal: Walk forward from the spawn, then into the ocean. Do the jumps and the portal is there.

Spire of Suffering (abbr. SoS)
made by: me
difficulty: low difficult (easy > medium > hard > difficult)
picture of spire frame:
how to get to portal: walk to the right after spawning and do the parkour to reach the portal.

And that’s it for this devlog!

there is much more stuff in the discord server i mentioned, I just couldn’t possibly fit everything into the devlog. I recommend joining (link at the top)