You can see super old posts easily!

Ok chances are about 50% of people reading this know how to do it / could do it if they put their minds to it, but I wanted to make a post about it since I discovered it today and its pretty cool!

Here is a gif of how to view the oldest posts in whatever category you desire:

I just found it super awesome that you cans see posts made like 7 years ago that can have as few as 2 views! pretty cool :sunglasses:

Personally discovered this which I found amusing since it has more posters then views :thinking:


can’t wait till someone bumps it and gets in trouble :grimacing: lol.


Didn’t think off that :shock: If anyone asks - its not my fault :eyes:

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Yep, you can sort replies, views, and activity!

Here’s something weird I found, too:

One view, and yet, three users. It’s a strange new old world, I must say.

However, I wish we can sort like this on our profile topics. Because currently, we can’t, it’s sorted by activity.

Cool heads up!


I had saw some posts that are from 2014.

But i think the views reset, but the posts doesn’t so number of posts are more than the number of views.

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I didn’t think we’d have to enable the “necrobumps go to post approval” on the support categories, but based on the idiocy above it looks like we’ll have to do that since people can’t behave themselves.


Is it possible to simply disable any bumps from a post more then 2 years since the last reply? Then if necessary PA could just re-open the post if it becomes relevant again?

Reread these rules before something you deeply regret happens to you. Thanks.