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You can contact me via my email (, Twitter (@_Younite) or via devforum private messaging.


I should make one of these, this looks really neat and nice!
except I don’t know how


I can teach you! :smiley:


Great work! :smiley:
The banner that I wanted was made really fast and i loved it!


Hey guys, I have been doing a bit of vector icons with @Exohda_Cody! A sample of them are in Icons! Here is what one looks like :slight_smile:


I may need a graphic designer in the near future :eyes:


This isn’t really development graphics, but I made vector headshots of me, @Ysko, @hoosierdaddy22 and DvByte!


Done any interface design?


A small bit. I’ve done buttons and stuff like that.

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Hey guys.

Just want to let you know that I’m currently looking for work, whether big or small. I’m working with a couple of development studios, but I’m pretty open for more work!

If you need any work done and looking for a graphic guy, please message me!

I do need to update this thread though, will do :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks!! :smiley:


This is awesome! Good work!

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Finally updated this post wew

I fixed that really annoying pixelated top banner and instead replaced it with an ‘actual’ vector.

I also added a few new badge vector designs in the ‘vector’ tab!!

As for rendering, I can’t render complex scenes, as my computer is terrible at rendering. I am saving up for a new one currently, so when I get that, I’ll be back rendering big scenes like before. I’m still able to render small stuff though!

If anyone is looking for design work, feel free to message me! :smiley:

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I keep looking at this time and time again and keep wondering how to do it so I think I’m gonna do it soon lol
DM me if you don’t mind helping me out still (^’:

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I’ve made some more stuff over the past few weeks, which I have added into the spoiler tag on the original post.

Currently, I am available for hire, but I am unable to do long term projects for the time being. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.


I’m open for logo commissions only until next Tuesday, as I am going on holiday for a week. If anyone is interested, please DM me here or on Discord (Younite#0167)

Going to RDC this weekend so I won’t be able to get much stuff done. I hope to reopen commissions sometime during the middle of august so if you are/were interested please let me know in advance! Thank you!

I recently built myself a PC and it renders quite fast, so if you ever want to collaborate I’d love to work with someone of your caliber!

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Hey guys

Just finished all commissions so I’ll be closed again for a couple of days or maybe weeks, depends on how it works out.

I’ll be opening commissions only for people that need stuff done ASAP, for the time being. Message me if you’re interested.

I’ll let you know when commissions are fully open again!

You know fallout new Vegas? How much would it cost to get some icons of roblox hats in that style.

Not really sure what you mean. You can message me to discuss this if you wish