Your idea on a game I am making

How does a adventure/edu game sound? You collect rocks and fossils and do experiments.
I feel like it will be original and could provide education for younger people on ROBLOX.


I don’t think the younger audience is going to be interested in fossils and historical remains.

I would certainly find it boring to excavate fossils all day myself.


Here we go again lmao… I hope people don’t fight over this once more. But anyhow, this will be a educational part on roblox. For a fact this will come to the ROBLOX’s sort, “Education”, which is nice! For the most part, it sounds cool to me! Would be amazing to play with! Sounds awesome! :slight_smile:

Thats not the only point though, we have all things from studying plants and space to learning about atoms and molecules. I think I will have like age groups so the younger audience can have like an animated space story while others can do atoms and molecules if they are an older age group.

Sounds nice to me but will only appeal to younger audiences if its just elementary to middle school science.

I mean I don’t think there would be a very big audience for excavating fossils but if you mean fossils like dinosaurs there would probably be more children interested in it.

Also a big plus would be getting your game on the “Learn & Explore” category.

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There isn’t a lot of detail to go off here, but assuming it’s like an anthropology class, then it’s probably not a good idea in terms of gameplay because it would be slow, abstract and unrewarding, which isn’t a good combination for the smart phone generation. The idea might be salvageable if you go with the idea of ‘reviving’ the fossils and turn them into pets or something. I think it’d be pretty cool to have a pet ammonite.


Well I mean would a high schooler mind learning about atoms? Not sure but do not think think they do not teach about quark etc. The thing about science is there can be any level because a 6 year old can learn about gravity (How for instance gravity pushes stuff down) But someone in middle school can learn on how mass and density affects it.

Also, the aim of the game is for instance, you would find a fossil and you could turn it into a pet (what you said) Or sort of like a hunting simulator and sell stuff you find.

You see, for instance in the one about minerals and rocks you could use money to get better metal detectors for instance.

Depends on the high schooler, you’d attract the part of that audience interested in science but then your game is viewed as for education rather than for fun.

Well I could add fun stuff like for instance to win the game, (Depends on what you choose lets say I pick fossils) You got to find all the fossils

That concept reminds me a lot of a DS game called Fossil Fighters. Not educational, though you can potentially use the same concept for an educational game,

So my idea is to make what I said before so when you collect a fossil it might say "You have collected a legendary Dino fossil, this dino would have been alive 100 million years ago. This type of dino was first to go extinct. Older age groups might go into detail of like for instance what species it is. But the fun part is you can compete to find all fossils and try to discover planets/animals/fossils/plants

In shorter words, It will not be educational. It will be fun and educational.