Your Invite to RDC 2022 and More!


The time has finally come. Invitations to this year’s Roblox Developers Conference (RDC) are starting to go out today!

Roblox Developers Conference

RDC will be featuring a mix of groundbreaking keynote presentations, in-depth breakout sessions, and professional networking opportunities.

Invited guests will receive an email that will consist of a registration URL, information about how you can attend RDC 2022 either in-person or virtually, and more. Be sure to also check your Spam or Junk folder for the invitation.

If you do not receive an invite today - don’t fret! Emails are being sent to developers over the next few days. Because of this, registration will close once we hit capacity so be sure to register early to secure your spot.

But that’s not all!

Game Jam

The Game Jam will take place on August 27, with the theme being announced at a later date. Be sure to join us on Guilded* where we will be sharing more information very soon.

*Guilded information will be shared with ticket holders at a later date.

Roblox Innovation Awards

Join us as we honor the best and brightest in the community at our first-ever in-person awards ceremony: the Roblox Innovation Awards!

As the stars of this event, you will be treated to a sit-down dinner, plus a special after-party where you can mingle with your fellow nominees and winners. Come as you are or dress up in your awards show best—this is one night you won’t want to miss!

Want more information on RDC 2022? Please visit our website which has answers to all your questions and more.

See you in September!


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Who even came up with the new name for the bloxys? I wish you guys had kept the original name - nobody is going to call them “the innovation awards”


Still confused as to why the event is taking place during school instead of earlier in the summer but i’m thankful I got invited. Here’s to hoping that virtual is better then the disappointing version last year.


Will the Innovation Awards ceremony be livestreamed to the public at all, or will it be exclusive to the attendees?


Good luck to everyone who got their emails!


The RDC hype is officially here! It makes it more hyped the Innovation Awards will be at RDC this year in-person! Also glad that the Game Jam is back this year! Good luck to everyone who’ll be participating in the Game Jam and good luck for all the nominees at the Innovation Awards too! I highly doubt I’m getting an invite but still super excited! Hope to see you guys in September!


Epic! Looking forward to seeing what RDC 2022 will bring us.


“Your invite” isnt the great start to a title considering thats implying everyone is invited when a few sentences in your do state

Which leads me to believe further not everyone is invited but what happened to the invite the title initally lead me to believe?

All in all excited to see what we have in store for the years to come :slight_smile:


How exactly do we register? Through the website?

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I’m pretty sure registration is only available to the invited guests:


AAAAAA it’s here!!!

Excited to see the amazing celebration of the community kick off soon!


I am so excited for this year’s RDC! Congrats to all that got invited and that will be invited in the coming days. Quite curious about another thing is how will they incorporate the virtual experience to be better than what it was last year since I felt like the virtual representation wasn’t as big as RDC 2020 since everyone was virtual. Besides that, I hope you all enjoy and have fun! :grin:

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wew. not like everything was leaked thats coming up anyways. :confused:


The best time to buy tickets for flights is 3 months before so its kinda a bit sudden to announce a convention in September but i’ll be glad to attend virtually


Will tranlators get an invite to RDC?
Or community tranlators?

I think that depends on how big on a contribution you’ve made to the community and popularity, not what you do.


I could be wrong, but my reading of the announcement is that the Innovation Awards ceremony is a new event that takes place in-person at the Developers Conference, not a replacement for / rename of the classic Bloxy Awards.


I’ve never been invited to RDC before; are developers required to participate in the Game Jam when they’re invited?

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The RDC hype is on! Even if I don’t get invited, I can’t wait to see what happens this year. The Innovation Awards also seem really cool, I can’t wait to see some of the other categories that we didn’t get to vote on in the voting hub!