Your Invite to RDC 2022 and More!

As a former attendee, I can tell you that the Game Jam is completely optional. I’d totally recommend trying it if you’re invited, though! You have nothing to lose … except sleep. The 2018 Game Jam was a quick 24 hour one and I stayed up all night working on it. Really glad that the 2020 one lasted multiple days.


Wait, so those who happen to be in earlier waves are more likely to secure their spot than those in later waves? Seems unfair

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Are there like certain requirements or ways to increase odds of being invited to RDC?

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Then that means the bloxy awards are cancelled? They never did the bloxy awards, but this just popped up out of nowhere

I loved going in 2019 and digitally in 2020, hope I get invited back this year. Congrats to everyone who got there invites in the first wave!

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Can people who do not get invited still watch RDC live like on Roblox’s developer website or something? Or if an average Roblox user is curious? Would love to see Roblox do something similar to what Apple does with their WWDC.


WOooooo can’t wait for an invite :no_mouth:


Okay, wow, I no longer want to be invited to RDC for some reason. Perhaps it’s because they make you enter your first and last name. I’m already afraid of recognition…and socializing, but giving away my first and last name? Heck no.

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I believe this year there was a survey you had to fill out to indicate your interest. I didn’t fill it out and wasn’t invited. I hope there’s a way to indicate interest in the event at last-minute, I’d be down to attend virtually if given the opportunity. It might be too late now, though.

In previous years they used different criteria and I can’t say for sure that I know what exactly that criteria was. I’m very surprised that I was invited in 2018 when I had very few place visits and had yet to use DevEx. I was invited back in 2019, presumably because I attended last the previous year.

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Will virtual be open to all developers this year, last year I had to watch the live Twitter updates a few developers did. Even if I can’t partake in the chat I just want to be able to view it

So excited! Waiting for my invite!!!

I believe Dave is short for David, but you could be right.


How did people find out about the survey? Was it sent to a select group of people? I haven’t seen an announcement about a survey at all this year.

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The bigger of a dev you are, the earlier of a wave you’re in. It’s been this way since the very beginning. Not everybody in the Roblox community is meant to be invited.

Edit: it’s not as consistent as you think, how they categorize you is something on their end.


The survey does not matter, it was just to gauge intrest in RDC. Survey was listed here; Save the Date: RDC 2022


Make sure to check your spam folder. Mine and several people I know had their invite go to spam!


That’s how it’s always been tho? They rotate around who gets first dibs each year so you know, you can have more chances than others to get first invites next year :man_shrugging:


From my understanding, they will email people the registration form based on who fills out the other form that is at the bottom of the website here:

Another RDC. Another year of not being invited.


Does Roblox send invites through the Roblox website by any chance?