YouTube Live Chat Plugin!

This week, I spent my time crafting a plugin to show you the live chat of a YouTube livestream. Its main use would be to allow you to see the chat of your development streams without having to go to OBS or the livestream itself! Since Roblox Studio doesn’t filter messages, live chat messages are not officially filtered. That’s why this is not actually a resource yet. For now, I’m asking for feedback!

Would something like this be allowed publicly? Would you even use it? And most importantly, would this encourage developers to make livestreams of their hard work?


Once you enter a VideoId and an active YouTube API Key, the live chat will load!

This is the Live Chat. Each message has some options!


Delete will hide the message locally. And Block will hide all this author’s messages for this studio session.


Enabling Safe Chat will apply a basic swear filter to all messages, since Roblox Studio doesn’t filter anything. It’s not perfect, you’d have to block people that swear past your liking.


You can also apply a basic flood filter, which hides messages based on how long the words are compared to the message’s length.


I am quite curious on how you made this.

Wow… just wow. This is actually really cool!!!

Now… do a tutorial please.

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Don’t worry it was simple! Here’s my thought process:

  • I want to do a coding stream on YouTube
  • I can’t see my chat easily
  • I want to see my chat easily
  • If YouTube can see the live chat, I can see the live chat too
  • There’s probably an API, let’s find it
  • I found it, let’s code for it

And after that, I made a prototype to prove that it was possible:

Did I mention that it can show superchats?

I used Microsoft Copilot to help me understand how the API is used, then I just took it from there by adding more features!


Bruh, okay that’s boring then. Next.

I’m not sure you understand… I only generated a handful of lines of code to see how the API is used. I wrote a thousand lines of code on top of that to make the full plugin!

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Ohhh… okay. I get it now. Sorry!

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I thought AI was made to help users. And you’re discouraging a user from using a tool that has been provided and that is also powerful? Hmm… I doubt you have never used AI for anything in your life.

No, I personally use AI a lot but not for programming or learning purposes, I find AI to be fine but I see that most of the time it’s just a headache and you can learn better by using the sources the AI itself uses, you just need to find them. I just find AI to not be that helpful when you are making something. :woman_shrugging:

I can give many examples of this but it could sometimes help but not always, like 1 in 100 times it’s useful, else just nuisance.

That creation is awesome! I would love to see this open to the public at some point! This could be very useful!

Well why not use a tool that has been provided to you to use. I see nothing wrong with learning with AI or with any other resources but if AI makes the work more simple then why not use it.

Do people actually use Twitch? If so, I could try adding this as well so that you can pick one or the other, or both.

Do you use Twitch?
  • Yes
  • No

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Looks really cool and useful!

Isn’t it all local, and using your stream key? I’m pretty sure only the person using it can see it if they enter the stream key, still not sure if its allowed. Are you allowed to share privately or on itch?

Yes. The developer must create and enter a YouTube Data v3 API key and select a livestream. They’re most definitely aware of what chat they’d be showing themselves inside of Roblox. AI says that “it’s against the rules to not filter text for Plugins”, then follows by saying “you can’t currently filter text for Plugins”… so…

I’ll eventually share it in #resources:community-resources! Hopefully.

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Implementing Twitch chat won’t be possible inside of Roblox, so I suppose the plugin is finished then!

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send it to me in dms if u want, seems cool

I would only do that if it’s open source. It is!

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