You've Been Captcha'd

Still one of the lines I have ever seen in a post…


So, to clarify: was this the cause of why the Studio login page was simply saying “too many logins”, but was perfectly fine in a web browser?

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Yup and that’s awesome less of a hassle from needing to do it via browser, BUUUUT… just hope that the Captcha is improved on its own as there’s cases where even though you’ve done it correctly, you gotta do it a lot more times…

Prime example:

I mean its understandable, Roblox wants to Captcha us for a moment, but please let us go and don’t hold on to us


At long last! That solved an recurring issue that I had, I strongly dislike captchas (and I’m sure I’m not the only one to dislike captchas), no more chrome popping up whenever I boot studio up!

(well, for a second, I thought this thread was about to talk about increasing the number of captchas, you had me worried for a second or so :crazy_face:)

Something else I had to say

Touché. You’ve really summed up my feelings on this one :laughing: (and maybe most if not all, other people’s feelings about this)

I love replies like this @nsgriff! This quirky attitude really makes me feel that its a conversation and that I am being treated like an individual not a group. It also remind me of how discord makes their announcements….

Thanks for the update :heart:

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Please, for the sake of god, fix the impossible captcha first Impossible Roblox captcha :face_with_head_bandage:

upd. Simplified, sorry, I replied to you by an accident :sweat_smile:


With the clarification from BuildThomas that’s good to know that it will fix the need to log in with the site, however this still can be annoying when you got to do more then the usual 2 or 3, I once had to do 15 to comment in the wall of a group I help manage.

That would get annoying fast in studio, I know it is when commenting.


TL;DR: It wasn’t added for security purposes, rather to make it easier to sign into Studio, as before you were redirected to the website to sign in.

If your password has been stolen, a CAPTCHA won’t stop hackers gaining access to your account.

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There was no loophole. It used to redirect you to the Roblox website to login until they added a native captcha.

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Or even better, have a feature where you add certain people and only those people can take the asset.

Glad this was added, but one issue:

I noticed that whenever I’m using my VPN and I try to login, I get presented with captchas that are like 10+ steps long. Also, the arrows roll the image by a much smaller percentage then single step captcha.


Which means now when I log into studio I have to turn off my VPN or solve a 10 long captcha. Not horrible but kinda annoying.

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I’d prefer to have a few seconds of inconvenience if it means making Roblox a safer place (to an extent of course). Thanks for this addition!

You have to have a captcha to login to roblox, studio didn’t display a captcha so studio login was broken entirely. Many people didn’t know how to login to studio from browser.
This isn’t a security update.

Yep. Always gotta keep those super secret simulator codes safe from those silly hackers!

I personally disagree. If someone has knowledge in cracking and a simple wordlist and proxies; they’d easily be able to get into someone’s ROBLOX studio account without this type of captcha system. So captchas are honestly very useful. :male_detective::roblox_light:

Even if this specific update wasn’t for security purposes; it still helps add an extra level of security.


It’s a nice add on to Studio, but wouldn’t there be a different way to verify the authenticity of a user rather than using captcha’s?.. I’m just asking this, as I’m on vacation and getting onto Studio is a hassle as captcha’s take ages to load, and I just need to constantly redo 10 captcha’s. Which gets frustrating at times. This is partly due to my wifi being slow at times, which I have no control over. If there could be a different way to verify the authenticity of a user, that’d be great. Overall, it’s a nice Security patch.

In my opinion, I think it’s quite a neat addition to studio. I think, the random bot scams/account phising in some way can be controlled.

But there was a CAPTCHA to sign into Studio, you were sent to the website to sign in and you would be logged into Studio from there. There was not a situation where there was no CAPTCHA. Having a CAPTCHA now in Studio allows developers to sign in faster, rather than being redirected all over the place.

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Any possibility of ever getting Captcha’s for liking/disliking games? I’m primarily asking because of my game getting botted for the second time in 2-3 months.


yeah me to, i’m always logged in!