(Z-Fighting) merger if bricks are the same color

The picture doesn’t clearly show the flash, but I’m pretty sure a lot of you guys know what I mean.

I wasn’t sure whether to post this on feature requests or bug fixes (since it’s something that has been in the platform for years now), but it’d be loooovely if the flashiness when bricks of the same color merge with one another be removed. CSG sometimes doesn’t cooperate well which is why I ask.


Do you mean z-fighting?

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Yeah, not sure if it’s something that can be efficiently solved, but I just hope it doesn’t do that if both the bricks are the same color.

Unions will solve this, but I also have another feature I’d like to request that could make it even simpler.

From my understanding, there really isn’t a way to “fix” this necessarily due to the way rendering 3D works. You have this problem with any game engine you use if you try to overlap objects on the same plane with the same orientation.

A simple fix is to offset the parts very slightly. Even adjusting it by 0.001 studs will probably fix it. (However, at far distances it might start z-fighting again for some reason.)

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I believe the rendering loses precision at further distances. .01 studs difference might end up getting rounded the further it gets into the distance.

But as he said, slightly adjusting the offset between the parts will fix it. Or Unioning the parts.