Zaporozhye [Map] Price Estimation Help Required

My name is Rico. I was hoping you lads would be able to assist me with estimating the price of this tiny little military island I was building.

Assets Used -

  • MiG-31 Foxbat
  • Portable Command Tower
  • Humvee
  • Cargo Truck (Caterpillar)
  • Cargo Containers
  • Hangar
  • Civilian Building
  • T-64A
  • Vehicle Storage Building
  • Infantry Building (Small)
  • Oil Storage Containers
  • Sand Bags
  • AGM-65 Maverick
  • 1000lb Bomb
  • Tow-2 ATGM Pack
  • Wooden Boat
  • Patrol Boat
  • JAS-39 Gripen

Pictures -





FM`s have been used, Iv only used 1 so far and that is the water.

Thank you for reading through the whole thing!.
All assets included in the final pack.
My own estimation is somewhere in the 15k Robux limit.
I would love to see what you would think.
It would be highly appreciated If you could assist me in finding potential buyers aswell!.


If you were to sell this whole map, I would go anywhere from 80-100k, that said, I’m not all that experienced in pricing, however 15k is far too low, assuming you meant the entire island, with all the assets.

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I presume you mean the entire map in which case it could shoot upwards of 100k, however I would be careful selling it if it is the entire game due to the fact that’s Roblox does have a rule against selling games. (Of course, assets are still alright).


You’re definitely underpricing yourself!

This map could go anywhere from 85-110K depending on the right person.

Up your worth, this is a great build.


Holy hell
I low balled by about 56%.
Thank you guys!


Which rule in particular?
Could to cite this?


Selling games is against Roblox Community Rule 12.


If this is just a map, it’s totally fine to sell it. You’re just giving them the place the map is in since you can’t upload it all as a model - you aren’t really selling a full game.

Where is the line of it being a “full game”? For example, if I and a team of friends got hired to build a game for a paycheck in USD/robux, would this be breaking rules?

I’ve personally gotten a strike on my account for “game selling”, i think it mainly refers to someone who has a shirt or a gamepass that says something along the lines of “if you buy this i will uncopylock the game for you” atleast that was the case for me back in 2009. I had a game that i said i was selling in the description and that warranted a strike. I don’t really know the specifics though.

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This is been a rather common topic on the forums in general over the last few days,

From my understanding you can’t sell a full “game”.

I believe selling individual physical assets is within ToS as long as the scripts for a fully functioning game do not come along with it.

If you were to sell your map and vehicles with no real game-play behind it; I believe it would be allowed.

But if it was a “Military Roleplay Adventure!” game with fully working scripts and a clear gameplay objective it would be breaking the ToS.

Hopefully this helps.


The line is rather non-existent and Roblox staff haven’t been too helpful in figuring out where the line should be drawn. As for your example, that would not break the rules - somebody is hiring developers to make a game for him, not buying a pre-made game from somebody.

I think selling somebody scripts and builds is also allowed (despite what is said above) - if you can build a tycoon for somebody for their game and they’re paying enough, you shouldn’t be banned for that. I think what isn’t allowed is taking a published game that you are making revenue on and selling it for an amount of robux to somebody else.

Even then, selling games happens all the time and not much seems to be done about it.


Sure thing, if you check this thread you can get a pretty good idea of the boundaries of game selling, there’s a thin line between selling assets to make up an entire game and selling a game so I would advise being careful.

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Definitely agree with the people above, the quality and consistency of those assets in an already built map is easily worth 100k. You could script an entire apocalypse game or something of the sort without adding anything else.

The difficulty with selling is finding someone who needs exactly what you’ve built, but if you wait you should be able to find someone looking to make a game along these lines and to already have every asset ready would be a godsend.

15k? I’ll tell you this now because its better you learn now and not later. We developers need to stop under valuing our work. That map is easily work 50k+ minimum, maybe 85k?

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150k-200k these assets are very detailed and i know you spent alot of time making this


In my opinion selling the game itself is different to selling a map, now I usually just sell small models but I think it is possible to sell a map.