Zartania - Builder, 3D Modeler [CLOSED]

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Hey! I’m Zartania, a 21 year old developer on ROBLOX since 2010, UGC creator, and also a 7th annual Bloxy Awards winner. My main focus is building and modeling, I can do any style whether it’s low poly, mid poly, or high detail. I specialize in ROBLOX Studio, Blender, Cinema 4D, Photoshop, and Illustrator. Contributed to over 11 front page games and over 8 billion place visits.

My credits include working for:

  • AbstractAlex - Bleach RPG
  • vCaffy & co. - Dungeon Quest
  • Snakeworl - One Piece Requiem 2, Templar’s Creed, Bleach Ultimate
  • Ragoozer & Arch_Mage - Deepwoken
  • ChiefDays & Keplar - King of Pirates
  • Kidso52 - Sakura Shippuden 2
  • MrSoulSlasher - Fullmetal Alchemist: Origins
  • MonkrysGhost - Minion Freeze Tag 2
  • Kidso52 & co. - Wisteria
  • KFCPhoeyu - Grand Piece Online
  • Keplar - Heroes Legacy
  • PoppaPengo - My Hero Mania
  • Arcwise & Aysplash - Boundless RPG
  • Froredion - Black Clover: Grimshot
  • serverModule - Ninja Tycoon*
  • mygame43 & Robotmega - Blox Fruits
  • OneLegitDev & Kelvingts - Anime Clash Simulator
  • ArcadeRockstar - All Star Wave Defense
  • Blockzone - Anime Legends, Anime Warriors
  • UzuKee - Your Bizarre Adventure
  • Yakrus & 123imnotmomo - Reaper 2

And many more projects not listed here.

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UGC Accessories

High Detail

Mid Detail

Low Poly



Logo/Icon Work

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I work at a moderate to fast pace, and I am able to work daily, however my schedule depends on the amount of commissions I am doing at the time. I am able to multitask with up to three commissions at a time. If you have any questions about my availability, feel free to contact me.

Any technical issues or errors on my behalf are fixed immediately and free of charge. Additionally, if I take longer than discussed I will charge less.

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Thanks for reading! :smile:


Would definitely recommend hiring! I worked alongside him during my time with Dungeon Quest. He is a great friend and colleague, he is easy to work with, and definitely has a great artistic style.

I mean his portfolio speaks for itself. :smiley:


:star_struck: Those are some of the BEST builds I have seen! Really wish I could do that, good luck for the future! :+1:


Great person to talk to, highly consider in hiring Zartania!


I can guarantee that this mans quality is top notch, hes also got a big butt so make sure you give him a call.


This man wears green stuff so I recommend him for his building


One of the best builders and modelers on Roblox hands down! Would recommend. :slight_smile::+1:


I would totally recommend hiring Zart! His work is just incredible. One of the best builds I’ve seen. Great quality, details and style. I would put the best rating for his work.


Good Stuff. Thinking about contacting for commissions.


Hey, I contacted you on discord regarding a commission :).


Amazing Work!! Something that upcoming builders can definitely take inspiration from.


Still as cool as they ever been.


Zartania is one of greatest builders I ever seen! U surely should hire him for work cuz u will get great work!!!


I probably should hire you like what these people said! Please add me, I want to commission you for some of my anime games!

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Hi, can you accept friend request please.

I added you bro, please accept me :slight_smile:

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I sent you a friend request…

ack guess im too broke, wish I had more than 39k :joy:

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Added a new section for UGC stuff!

Dang bro, I literally just type in “Deepwoken” in the search bar to see if I can get any info on the game on the forums and I get this amazing portfolio!

Your work is truly legendary, good luck for the future man!!

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