Zestin’ - Recipe Guide

Zestin’ - Recipe Guide

Whether you’re a Junior, or Senior Barista, this guide will help you learn your ways to success at Zestin! The group link is located here!


Regular: Coffee Cup + Regular
Decaf: Coffee Cup + Decaf Machine
Espresso: Coffee Cup + Espresso Machine
(Cold) Milk: Cup + Milk
Frappe: Coffee Cup + Steamed Milk + Regular + Ice
Steamed Milk: Coffee Cup + Steamed Milk
Cappuccino: Coffee Cup + Steamed Milk + Espresso
Iced Coffee: Coffee Cup + Regular + Ice
Americano: Coffee Cup + Espresso + Ice
Latte: Coffee Cup + Espresso + Steamed Milk
Iced Latte: Coffee Cup + Espresso + Steamed Milk + Ice
Hot Chocolate: Coffee Cup + Cocoa + Steamed Milk
Hot Chocolate Bananza: Coffee Cup + Steamed Milk + Cocoa + Steamed Milk + Mixing Bowl
Milkshakes: (Cold) Milk + Flavor + Mixing Bowl
Juices: Cup + Ice + Specific Juice


All pastries are located in the kitchen; all you need to do is click them!

Have fun!
Zestin Development Team