ZOffset property for BillboardGuis

I’m requesting functionality similar to that of the ZOffset property in ParticleEmitters to be put into BillboardGuis. This will allow developers to have BillboardGuis that can be occluded realistically but with a limit so that disruptive occlusions at any scale can be avoided.


My use case (images)

I’m making custom nametags for NPCs in my game. These nametags use BillboardGuis with AlwaysOnTop disabled, due me wanting them to be cut off when occluded:

However, this means NPCs with large hats have their nametags covered:

A property where I can set the limit for the GUI’s Z offset, instead of just toggling it in all situations using AlwaysOnTop, would be super useful here.


Support! I can see many cases where I would be using Zoffset with billboard GUI’s

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Try StudsOffset. It’ll put the BillboardGui closer to the camera so it should help with the hat issue and – unless your AI is pressed up against a thin wall – shouldn’t cause clipping through the environment.


That’ll work for now, I guess. Thanks!

Still only a band-aid, though :wink:

It’s crazy we still don’t have something like this, especially considering ParticleEmitters have this, and function very similarly. I ran into a problem today that would be fixed with a ZOffset on my BillboardGui, and StudsOffset doesn’t quite accomplish the same thing.