➤ [OPEN] Gryves - Comission Sheet - 3D Modelling, Building, Design, Writing, Game Directing ★

Gryves is my virtual creative self, I’m Alexandru Nedelcu, and am 18 young.
I tend to think I’m a professional freelancer here on Roblox. To be honest about me, I’m
a mature pseudo cultural person, and can be very serious and boring, but I tend to get close and open up, and am really friendly, and trustable.

Oh well, he tends to think of himself as a 3D Modeller and an OG Builder. As he started building in 2008 and is used to optimizing everything from the amounts of verticles in a mesh part to the amount of used memory cache/reusing meshes to optimize download/loading times.” - nobody

I started working with Cinema 4D in 2016 to render and 3D model but switched to Blender in 2019 and have been making high and low poly models. So far my meshes are in the games of: RedMantaStudio, ObscureEntity, Haggie125, SirMing, loleris and a lot of more honourable unmentioned mentionables.

Some of my work can be seen here;


Work Spotlight:
24kgoldn Concert:

  • Many other front page projects

•The modular tree presented above has been used in the commission below,

•Mini non-released well optimized showcase

•Personal MMORPG Project


•I can also be a blacksmith on request and am able to model any sort of weapon as long as I have references.

2019 and earlier.

That’s about right, I write too. Lore, stories, whatever your game textually needs, I can do it!

Unfinished slaughtered paragraph.

As I stick, in and out, my rotten leather boot in the thick mud, fencing off nature’s way of getting rid of the forest intruders I glance a corridor layered in ferocious big stone blocks. I begin to smell fumes, and with that rays of light slowly start to raise up towards the big mediocre sky from within the aisle, filling the azure with gradient. I take a deep stare and realize the visible. I might have just discovered the core element of my entire study on human’s bound with nature. Was it mana? I take a cold deep breath and start to rush in the dread glow without a tablespoon of fear.

. . . Am I dead? I looked up to see a white silent sky, with what seemed like dead stars, a black on white piece. I could hear wind blowing through colorless flowers, and I could find it funny everything was so calming. The adventurous soul of mine called in, and not surprisingly I started to wander around in the unfamiliar land, with no idea where I am, but I certainly felt like it was home. As I uncover a path seemingly blank, I get some hope and start rushing towards emptiness, time and actions are faster but I certainly seem to understand what’s happening around me.

I will be accepting PayPal Payments and :robux_light: Group Payouts (minimum 100k).

You can easily contact me via DevForums DMs or on discord at ned#9849. Available most of the time. Secondary portfolio can be found on https://nedelcu.cc.


Can for sure tell you to expect the highest quality content from this guy! ^^


I personally vouch for Gryves. Quick and efficient.

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WillContinue’ commission:

(2) Photos



can i send a paper full of different weapons and you model them and texture and how much do you take each weapon

50$ Per weapon.

30 characters.

wait do you mean 50 robux lol 50$ is to expensive

he means $50. and it isn’t expensive because he makes very good work. if you want quality work like his then you’d pay that much.

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I appreciate your kind comment, and I’d say the same (quality costs, and I’m doing this as a full time job).


I would not, prices are negotiable, but not that negotiable. Lets keep this thread
clean, for offers and commissions please DM me.


I answered your application.
Could we write about it on Discord?

Best Regards
Daniel Neuberger

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