1 Mesh 2 Colors


I’ve been having a few issues with exporting my Humvee model from blender into roblox studio. There’s one slight issue though, the humvee is one mesh but it has 2 colors like a union. I can change the blue color but not the black wheel. It has no texture applied, I’ve moved it around in edit mode, and I’ve also tried to add modifiers to it, but it still exports with the same problem.
So I’ve decided to turn to the devforum for help.


Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


The black thing probably has vertex colors applied.

If this was exported as an fbx, a quick way of getting rid of that is to export it as a obj instead. This works because the obj format doesn’t support vertex colors You can also reset the vertex colors yourself (if you’re using blender, then read this thread on blenderartists.org) and export it like you normally would.


Thanks a lot! It worked! I can’t believe it worked!

EDIT: (Here’s a picture of the humvee)