[100 USD+ Looking for a Modeler and Scripter!] Shopping Simulator Hiring

About The Project:

-Hello, I’m Sinox! Right now, I’m currently seeking a modeler and a scripter to finish off a simulator of mine called Shopping Simulator. We currently have the maps done, pets done, an investor who can put up to 700k+ in ads/sponsors, and a team of youtubers.

-Modeler’s Job: We need a modeler who can make a large quantity of different and unique shopping carts for our game.

-Scripter’s Job: We need a scripter who can script the main frame of the game, including UIs, pet systems, game mechanics, and shop mechanics.


-Modeler: 100USD+ , we may be able to dicuss a % option if interested.
-Scripter: 25% of games profts for life.


-Either contact me here on the dev forums, or add me on discord: Sinox#0001. Make sure to leave your discord username and portfolio in the reply section! Thank you for your time!


What game are you making? i know how to script and low poly maker

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best DisturbedSinox,

hi, I really want to help you! I can script leaderstats, saves, shops, sell places, and more. I hope I can help you! I am KDBgames#1252 on discord. I just added you.

KDBgames (scripter, beginning youtuber, builder)

I’ll like to be the modeler for your game, sent friend request Discord: DarkEntlty#9545

Hey Im really interested in being a modeler for your game! My Discord username is Matchi#5589. Here’s my portfolio: {FOR HIRE!} 2D/3D Artist, English --> German Translator

I’m interested. I’m mainly a mid poly builder but can adjust myself to high or low poly if needs be.

My portfolio!: Alectfenrir123 | 3D Hard Surface mid-poly modeler



Hi, I’d like to be your scripter, I have 2 years experience and can do the things you requested, my strong point is UIs. I can send you my scripting portfolio on discord. I have made simulator games in the past and is familiar with developing them.

Here is an example of my UI skills and scripting skills. It’s a commission I have done a few months ago, I have gotten much better since then.

I sent you a friend request, I’m HokkerZiePocker#2546


I am a quite good scripter i have made some games myself and i can do most stuff. I have 2 years of experience in lua c. I am accsessable almost all the time if u want me to do anything.

Here is an example of what i can do. This was quite a time ago and i could do this way better if i made it now.

My discord username is epicboyman3#8106

Hey there! I’m interested in a position as a modeler. My portfolio: [OPEN] Coyann || Scripter/Modeler || Portfolio As you can see, I’m also capable of helping you as a gfx-artist and scripter. If you are interested, send me a friend request on Discord (Coyan#3181)

:wave: Hey, I’m interested in being the modeler for your game.

Some of my work:


The game idea really intrigues me, so I hope to hear a response from you soon.

  • juno#7957

Heyo, I’m interested in working with you. You can find my portolfio and contact info here:

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