GuestCapone, Freelancing 3D Artist and Modeler for hire

Remaking this post at a later date


You are one talented dude. Love your work.


Guest made me this beautiful car. I love it. Got it done 6 days early as well. :slight_smile:


I’ve worked with guest before and hes amazing and gets his work done quickly. Hes a bit pricey but I still recommend him completely.


amazing work


Not a reliable modeler. Said that he would start on my commission that weekend and made no effort on the commission or to disclose information that prevented him from starting even after giving a couple of days extra. You should take down that you’re for hire before you blow off other people.

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Busy schedule, was bad on my part for not notifying. We all make mistakes.


I’ll add you.

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Honestly, the best and most talented modeller I have ever seen. So many people aspire to be as talented as you. I wish you all the best in the future, and recommend you to anyone who is interested.


Updated and reformatted original post to be more accurate of my ability and services provided.

Guest is a very amazing guy to talk to and work with, I would very much recommend hiring him. :slight_smile:


Very nice work. Your style is impeccable!


One of the best modelers I have ever met, friendly and also very skilled and helpful, whoever is reading this and wants to hire him and isn’t sure, JUST DO IT, he’s a legend.


Bumping thread, commissions are still open.:slight_smile:

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@lando64000 should really look into you, your style would be perfect for Loomian Legacy!
And, you should add this
to your portfolio


Great Work! I aspire to be better or at your talent in the future! :grinning:

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Updated portfolio, terms and pricing.

I am very impressed with your portfolio and interested, however I am wondering how much do you charge for each asset in your showcase and how much time it took to create each of them.

It seems like you forgot to state a clear price and availability for your service, which makes it hard for me to decide if my budget and time is enough to hire you.

As stated here:

Meaning after told enough information to formulate a price, I give you a quote on what it’ll cost to hire me for that specific job. On average a model can take anywhere from 1 to 7 business days to model, skin, texture and rig (bone type of rigging, not roblox rigging).

But it greatly depends on what the model is, how detailed it is to be? What sort of technical limitations do I have to stay within? is it an art style I can easily recreate or is it something I have to play around with to get right? Do I have to rig it? Do I have to texture it, or am I doing vertex painting or Roblox materials? Do I have to split up the model into multiple objects to work with way rigging works in Roblox?

Until I have answers for all of that, which all of those answers are job dependent, I can’t give you a price for what it’ll cost to make something.

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Can you provide prices and time spent on each asset in your showcase?

Wouldn’t it be easier for the both of us that way, I would know if I can afford to hire you or not without the need to get a quote from you.

Thank you!

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