1:1 Heightmap generator

A modified version of sysoppl/Cities-Skylines-heightmap-generator to accomodate the needs of roblox developers.

The heightmap generator has been modified in such a way that it generates 1:1 terrain suitable for roblox. (1m = 3.571 studs)


  • easy to use interface
  • takes a 4.58 x 4.58 km square from a map which equates to 16384 x 16384 studs. The minumum size for the square is 0.56 x 0.56 km which equates to 2000 x 2000 studs-
  • can produce png, raw images and zip packages
  • exports .osm files which you can convert to geojson in order to use S1xty`s GeoJSON City loader plugin

How to

  1. Select area that you want to download
    Green zone shows playable tiles
  2. Choose the options that suit you
  3. To download use one of available options

Available here


W! How do I change the size of it though?

Do you reffer to the size of the exported map? If so just move the slider that corresponds to the size setting or type the size in the field. If you have any other questions feel free to ask.

it give me that for heighmap

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Yeah the generator isn’t working.

Just tried and it works flawlessly. Can i get more information about the region which you tried to export? Also would be usefull if you can send a screenshot from the developer console (As seen in my screenshot), which can be opened by pressing F12.

Forgive me for my lack of knowledge, but I keep encountering the same “Can’t Parse JSON” error every time I try to load in the .OSM file. Is it just that I am doing something wrong?

The height map doesn’t work for me no matter what I do so I found the exact same heightmap generator that is 100% the original one. While the original is open source and specifically for City:Skylines, it’d be great to see you at least credit the original creator for the tool.

i state that in the beggining.

A modified version of sysoppl/Cities-Skylines-heightmap-generator to accomodate the needs of roblox developers.

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Note: The download of the png or zip file with the height map is not instant, as it is requested from your browser every time you press the export button, so the time depends on the nearest cdn server. Also the access to the specific api of the maps may be blocked in your country.

Also, if you have a persistent problem, send a picture from the dev console with the error in the output, otherwise i won’t be able to help.

It downloads a black image and nothing else, and there are no errors or warnings on the console

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just 2 years late, but you have to convert the .OSM file to .GEOSON as he states above

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Did you get it working? I can’t seem to get it working. It keeps erroring on roads.

cloud_6401373072.GeoJSON Loader.GeoJSON Loader.roads:11: attempt to perform arithmetic (sub) on number and table

Yes it works perfectly, did you convert the .osm file to a .geojson?

Yes, but it still won’t work. I’ve tried with two (now over 5) different GeoJson files and yet it won’t work.

I don’t know, the error suggests that theres a problem with the file provided (as far as I understand)

Is there a specific convertor recommended for this plugin? When I convert the files, as I import them in studio (with the geojson files) it will only load the buildings and the roads, but it will not load any of the “amenity” or “landcover” files from the conversion.

What I would do is use the terrain tool roblox made and take the height map you can download from the website then use it with the import tool.

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I actually did this right after making this post and found better success with this method as well.

Though the ability to import roadways is nice, might utilize that for a different project! :hammer_and_pick:

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How are you getting download png to work?

when I do it, it is just a black image png…

I also tried zip with png , put in the name, and it does nothing…