2 Years of improvement on "Simulator Pet Designing"

The title is pretty self explanatory; you can see more related posts here and here

As for the point of this one, well, it has been 2 years since I started making many more models than I have in 2019 and before that, and as I am remaking them, I can’t stop but notice the improvement and many more times than just once have it brought me to tears, so I just want to share it with you guys now!
Here’s another set of pets I finished for my extremely old solo project…


Hey, the new ones look a lot better in terms of detail and style. Well done!

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Those look pretty good!! But simulators are kind of dead and stuff. Still, great modeling!

And in my opinion, the old ones look better. Sometimes simpler is better. The other ones just look too anime and realistic. The old ones are cute though.

But most of those newer ones look like drawings, so still good job on those too!

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