[200K+] We need a MAP for Elemental Power Simulator! (low-poly/3d modelers only)

About Us

Hi there! We are Incurr’s Legacy, and Influux Studios, we recently hit 180k members on the game development group, 20M visits, and several hundred concurrent players. We’re looking for a low-poly, 3d modeler builder to join our team and build a brand new map for our current game, Elemental Power Simulator.

We’d highly recommend only applying if you’re familiar with Anime, because most of what you’d be required to make will be anime related.
For example: Fairy Tail Guild Hall, Demon Skull from Black Clover, Aincrad Castle from SAO, etc.

The Team
@lncurr - Project Lead
@SquidyCakez - Scripter
@X_Jefff - Digital Artist
@WalmartEmployee_Kuro - 3d Artist – Helps the builder out.

You can see our progress so far here: [SMALL UPD] Anime World - Roblox
The current map is a filler, and in our upcoming huge update, we want to release a brand new map, which you’ll create.

About The Job

We are looking for a professional builder acquainted with blender and can make 3d models, low-poly and cartoony themed builds. More information will be discussed in DMs.

We expect high quality builds that adhere to our game’s style. Good communication skills are appreciated; we check team progress daily and want to maintain a healthy relationship with one another.
Keep in mind, the map will be big, activity is a key requirement so we can complete the map as efficient as possible.


We are paying [200K+] R$ for the whole build. We cannot offer a 50% down payment, but we offer the option of payment per task completed. This will make it safe for both parties. Negotiable.

Contact Us

You can contact me at: inc#0288 or via twitter incurr8
You must be 15 years or older to apply & have a satisfactory portfolio / past works.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


I am interested, I have 2 years of Building/Modelling Experience. Sent A friend request on Discord
T A H A#0571

I have a low-poly like building if you would like it. Unfortunately I am unable to work for you as I am 13. If you would like the model (for free) then please be sure to DM me using the discord name and tag, Adamm#0966. I can show you what the model looks like, via dms.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I’m interested,sent you a friend request.Er1k#7026

Hi i am very interested in this position, i sent u a friend request on discord am a modeller with over 2 years of experience if u message me back i will show u my portfolio

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I’m highly interested in this. My discord is Archalium#5759

I am really interested in this, I have almost 3 years of Roblox studio experience, and I do some Blender when I got some spare time. I added you on discord, mine is: NOT_HlGH(#8789)

Hello! Just contacted you on discord @ davidd#9318. You can take a look at my portfolio here: [OPEN] davidiscooI - Experienced Builder / Blender 3D Modeler - Portfolio - #43 by davidiscooI

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I was Interested, I added you , we talked on discord. I had Skills But didn’t Had any picture of a model. I didn’t ask for 100k robux, I decreased it to 10k, I said I Will make a low poly Building Rn. But you rudely blocked me on discord. This is the building I made in an Hour

I’m very interested in this job. I sent you a friend request in discord Aspecness#6406.
My portfolio: [Closed] Aspecness || Portfolio || Builder

Hey, I’m interested in this job! Sent a friend request on Discord, I’ll send my portfolio on their. Y2J?#7379. Thanks #StaySafe.

Interested, 9 years of experience.

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Hey! I am interested and I have sent you a fr on Discord. I have nearly 3 years of experience in Roblox Studio and 7 months of experience with modeling.

Here is my portfolio: [CLOSED] xM_ani - Low Poly Builder

Due to issues with the last builder, this thread is still OPEN and i’m LOOKING FOR BUILDERS!
3d modelers only!

What kind of building are you interested in. Any preference, Cinema 4D or Blender.

Mainly Blender.
30 characters.

Increased pay from 150k to 200k! need this done ASAP!

Hello! :wave:

My name is Kairo, and I am a 3D Modeler who is quite interested in this offer.

In the past I have worked with small teams of builders that mainly I led. My portfolio may not have any buildings, but I do indeed have experience in that field. If you want to test me, feel free to!


Thanks for reading! :heart:

My portfolio is here Prestigious Builder & Modeler For Hire | Portfolio [COMMISSIONS OPEN]

Thoroughly examine the information to understand my true profession.

Discord: Austune#4610