2019 Fall Accelerator Opportunity


Calling ALL Roblox Developers!

This year, we are excited to announce that we will be adding to our Spring & Summer Opportunities with a new Fall class! Our fall class is planned to run September - December*.
*We typically arrange specific dates based on the candidate and thus these dates can change

If you would like the opportunity to come to Roblox HQ to create a new game or improve an existing one while working alongside the engineering and developer relations team, we highly encourage you to apply! We are looking for developers from all backgrounds and skill sets: Builders, scripters, music composers, UI designers and any other development category on the Roblox Platform.

Got a development group? We are continuing to offer group applications! Solo creator? That works too! The choice is up to you.

If you are unsure about your level of proficiency, we still encourage you to apply!

This survey is now closed.
Sign ups will close May 17 at 5 PM PST.

EDIT: Thanks to everyone who applied!


If I am new to Roblox Development, should I apply?
This program is designed for experienced developers who have demonstrated proficiency and have a deep understanding on Roblox’s systems and game development process. We encourage everyone to apply, but the main goal of the program is to provide experienced developers the guidance and support needed to accelerate their success on Roblox.

Do I need to attend in person?
Yes. You will be required to work full-time at the Roblox HQ in San Mateo, California.

Why are there no hard dates for the program?
While we have a general range of the months we want the program to be held over, we are pretty flexible with each group’s availability and will work with accepted applicants to set exact start/finish dates in your offer letter.

Do I need to be a US citizen in order to participate?
No. However, if you live outside the United States, you will need to qualify for a J-1 US exchange Visa. If you are accepted to participate, Roblox will assist you with the visa process. The visa requires you to be pursuing further education full-time in a college/university or to have graduated doing so within the last 12 months.

Does this program count as an internship for my University?
Many Universities do provide credit for this program but every school is different. You should consult with your University Officials on this topic.

How long is the Accelerator Program?
The program will run 12 weeks.

Do I have to be 18+ to participate in the program?
Yes. If you will be 18 years old by the time your Accelerator Program begins, you can still participate.

How will housing work?
It will be up to you to find your own accommodations and pay for rent, but this program should pay enough for you to live in the area in a roommate situation. In the past, program attendees have teamed up to find places to stay for their tenure at Roblox to split the cost of rent. Upon your application being accepted, Roblox will reach out to you with a channel for meeting and talking with other program participants so that you can get to know others who may also be looking for housing.

What amenities can I look forward to if I am accepted?
We have free snacks. We also have free lunch. There’s a lot more where that came from :wink:

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A surprise for sure, but a welcome one


Good luck to those applying and have fun to those who make it!


I wish I could go, but I have more important things like school.

Question: Will they do one each year? I’ll be sure to apply in the future if they do!


Good luck to everyone applying!


You had me at free snacks! Good luck to everyone who is applying!


Definitely applying again, last time was incredible.


I definitely was not expecting to see this. Glad to see the program is successful enough to be expanded.
If this goes well, maybe “Project Lasersphere” will have a chance of being made.
Is there an ETA when the process will start? My university requires a fall “co-op” (paid internship, >35 hours a week), and I currently have about 3 dozen applications circulating, and I am getting a lot of “come back when you have a previous co-op”. I am currently enrolled for classes during the fall semester, and I will need to know relatively soon to drop them.

Edit: It would also simplify travel plans a lot if my summer internship at Roblox actually happens. Still waiting to hear back on that though.


The reviewing process will begin after the survey is closed. I do not have a set date for when final selections will be made but I can predict this to be end of June/beginning of July.


I feel like it’s sad that you have to be over 18, but I understand why. Maybe in 3 years I’ll be able to apply to one of these.


Good luck to everyone. Hopefully this time I actually get an e-mail acknowledging my existence. Even just a “you have not been picked” is better than nothing at all.


How will this intervene with schooling? For myself, I’ll be 18 during the program, but I will also be a senior in high school. Will I have to wait until next summer?


You have to be on-site for 3 months. If you have existing obligations that you can not step away from, this likely is not the right time for you. Future opportunities are always on the horizon, so don’t feel like this is your only chance!


I’ve definitely considered applying several times, but it seems that I still have about another year, some knowledge to acquire and some confidence to gain before I apply.

Best of luck to this cycle’s applicants.


Sounds like a great opportunity, sadly one I cannot take.


What if we have college in he fall, though?
Sorry, I’m an incoming freshman so I don’t know what can be done in these situations.

I’d definitely apply if I could, though. I’ve only heard great things.

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You will want to talk to your academic advisor or equivalent person. There is a good chance your college will have a plan for situations like these, but they may still charge you as a student even if you aren’t there. It may be a bit more difficult if it would be your first semester though.
If it is too much to worry about, I would wait to apply to either the Spring or Summer of 2020.

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Every year I see these posts and shed a tear that I’m not old enough, and live in the UK, hopefully next year I’ll be able to apply :cry: