[Looking For] Fall Accelerator Program Coder

About Me

Hi, I’m GeorgeTheDev. I’ve been on the platform for many years and can do many things of particular value, however coding is not my strong suit, meaning I need to find a coder for the Fall Accelerator program. I will be handling 3D Modeling, Graphic Design, UI Design, Map Design & more as apart of the game.

About The Position

To be chosen as my coding compadre, you must be able to fit the following requirements:

  • Have a portfolio of projects you’ve coded
  • Be 18+
  • Be eligible for the Accelerator Program
    • If you are not from the USA, you will need to qualify for a J-1 US exchange Visa. This means you need to either already be enrolled full-time in a form of University of have graduated within the last year.
  • Be able to live & work in San Mateo for a period of 12 weeks during September to December (Exact dates are chosen after acceptance)
  • Be able to continue with the interview process that I’m already involved in (i.e. Voice Call Interviews with DevRel)
  • Be comfortable coding the following:
    • UI Animations / Basic UI Coding
    • Player Animation Coding (You will not be expected to make the anims, just run them through code)
    • Data Stores for Character Customization
    • Custom Character Movement (on a Skateboard)

Just to Clarify

If you are chosen, this does not mean you (we) are accepted into doing an internship this fall. We will still have to go through interviews with DevRel to determine that, however, this is your only chance (now) to possibly take part in the 2019 Fall Internship, if you hadn’t already applied. For specific questions about the Accelerator Program, check this thread.

Game Revenue

As far as the revenue on the game, we can discuss throughout the process of how much equity each of us would like in the game, however currently I’m looking towards a 50/50 split. While working at Roblox as Interns, we will be paid to make the game essentially. So, any revenue that comes from the game afterwards is just a bonus for completing a well thought out game in the span of 12 weeks.

Contact Me

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or Discord @ GeorgeTheDev#2255 for more information about the game idea that I’ve pitched & whether you’d be the right fit.



To clarify. I believe a 50/50 split of our end product revenue is reasonable based on the work each of us will be putting in, however, I’m open to negotiation if you believe you deserve a slightly larger cut of the pie. At the end of the day, our job is to make the most amazing game possible, and if we do that, I’m perfectly find giving an extra cut for the amazing work you provide. :slight_smile:

I believe that due to the fact that the developer needs to live and work 12 weeks in San Mateo, and can be very far away from his family, it’s going to be hard to find the person you’re looking for. Good luck! :slight_smile:


Indeed, it’s been a tough time to find someone over 18, able to code effectively, & able to spend 12 weeks in California during the September - December time range. I’d give anything to be an accelerator though and have that amazing experience, so hopefully I find someone and everything works out through the interview process and we get accepted to do it!

I would’ve applied if I wasn’t 16 and not able to travel to San Mateo :sweat_smile:
I wish you best of luck finding whoever you’re looking for!

Yea, the age thing was a constant run-in for me when going through suitable candidates that I’ve worked with in the past. Thanks!

I can already tell that it may be rough to find an Accelerator to work for 12 weeks. San Mateo I believe is further away from where i am right now and possibly for other future developers. Overall, good luck finding someone you’re looking for and to those who are wanting to take the job! :upside_down_face::+1:


Yea. It’s definitely been tough to say the least. Every time I find someone who fits the description they mention they’re too busy in the fall. :sob:

Here’s to hoping I guess. Only have a little longer to look it over so hoping to find someone ASAP!

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Still looking. Feel free to get in touch if you think at all you could work for the spot. The main points you need:

  • Be a well versed programmer
  • Be 18+
  • Be from the US for a Student in University outside of the US
  • Be available to move to California this Fall for 12 weeks. (September to December)

Well rest in peace me then. I would love to work on it but im under 18 :confused:

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Still looking for anyone at all interested! Contact me for more info if you fit the criteria and are interested in possibly becoming an intern!

Still looking as of currently but this won’t stay open much longer. If you’re at all interested, please reach out!

I would, but I’m looking to apply for the spring accelerator program :frowning:

Hope you find a solid scripter for your team, here’s a free bump.

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