30 free game ideas

From my time developing, I’ve had loads of projects I’ve cancelled due to laziness. So, I decided to put together a list of 30 free game/mechanic ideas for you to use however you want. You don’t need to credit me, it’s free real estate. However, there’s a rule - if you use one of these, you have to reply with your own free game idea below! [I stole that.]

Here they are:

  1. A platformer about a character called Noodle who really likes noodles. You need noodles to advance to each level. There could also be a noodle making minigame.
  2. A solo horror game about an individual who finds themselves in a long-abandoned slaughterhouse. You have to avoid the killing machines which are meant for animals, not you.
  3. An MMORPG where leaving the game kills your character permanently. :eyes:
  4. An open world game about purifying the ever-spreading corruption. The aim is to reach 0% corruption. (Or 100%…)
  5. A class-based gladiator tournament game where players are forced to fight to the death. May the last player remain.
  6. Freely build a tower on top of a massive shredder to stop yourself being shredded. The tower slowly gets shredded by the shredder so you have to keep building. The shredder’s speed would increase over time.
  7. A horror game based in a sewer network where horrific slime monsters are created from the murky water.
  8. You’re a demon. Cause as much destruction as possible in a modern world.
  9. A round-based game involving 2 players and 14 NPC’s. One player is the sheriff and the other is the murderer.
  10. A more in-depth Among Us game where you have to consider things such as the cause of death, similar to Danganronpa. Anyone can be the murderer, it’s not pre-defined.
  11. The Hunger Games but inside a building. Even better if the building is a minotaur-inhabited labyrinth!
  12. A game about entering a school late at night to perform a randomly generated ritual. Weird things happen.
  13. An adventure magic game where your element is tied to your blood group (I stole this one). This means you can steal others’ powers by spilling their blood.
  14. A computer OS-based game similar to Scrutinized about hacking servers. Includes bribery, blackmail, impersonation, brute force attacks and data breaches.
  15. The whole world is shrouded in snow from a heavy winter. It’s a post-apocalyptic game about uncovering the frozen past.
  16. An FPS game about Reapers against the Military. The military have guns and the reapers have scythes.
  17. Multiplayer weeping angels horror game but with a twist. They can only move when you’re looking at them.
  18. An adventure game where there are countless skills to obtain but you only have three buttons to map skills to. You can map multiple skills to each button though. Behold my cursed fireball-riding tornado-wielding fire-mouse zombie apocalypse when I press the Q button.
  19. Your own custom version of Alice in Wonderland. Let your imagination run wild.
  20. A game where it slowly gets laggier and only the person with the best computer will remain. One victor.
  21. An (adventure?) social experiment with 100 players where you get banned permanently if you die or disconnect. PvP will also be enabled in 20 minutes :slight_smile:
  22. Make an AFK grinding game WITHOUT pay to win.
  23. A game played between a group of friends. One player suddenly changes their appearance and name to one of the other players and the rest have to guess which one is the real one!
  24. Did you know Liquid Nitrogen freezes skin on impact? Suddenly, you’re made of liquid nitrogen and touching other players will slow them down permanently until they are frozen in a block of ice.
  25. Make a dating simulator, but it’s not actually a dating simulator because that’s not allowed on Roblox.
  26. A co-op rogue-lite game based on an escape room. There’s a puzzle in each room with a timer that gets faster over time.
  27. Remake your favourite Roblox egg hunt with your own characters and your own eggs. Ever since the egg hunt ended, the world has descended into turmoil and anarchy.
  28. A cyber ninja game that’s like a futuristic Attack on Titan.
  29. Make a game using as many infamous hated video game tropes as possible but make it good.
  30. Make a game that’s entirely run on the server to see how it would play out. Player movement, camera control, tools and cooldowns are all handled by the server.

This one caught my attention

It would be cool to make a game where you get permanently banned if you die…

Games like Candy Crush have a mechanism similar to this where you have to wait ~45 minutes in order to play again if you lose. I’ve not played Candy Crush in more than five years so they might have changed this.


Yes, but like Candy Crush, the changing the device time can cheat past the time block.

Plus, I don’t feel like Roblox players would like to have a time block on games.


Sounds like Rogue Lineage, because everyone’s combat tagging ya’ everywhere.

Jokes aside, this is a really cool list.

Probably gonna yoink that idea for a game but a bit different. Sounds amazing.


You need input to make game. You cant get input on serverside


I should’ve worded it differently. You get the input client side and send it to the server where it is handled.


Uhh then its basically how every game works (almost)


the camera and player movement is handled by the client in most games, to prevent input lag



Make a game using as many infamous hated video game tropes as possible but make it good.



This won’t work if the time is checked from the server.


Basically MM but with NPCs. There would have to be some sort of twist to it.

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I would say this is pretty easy enough, seeing as the fact I already did it :sunglasses:

Nice resource though for those who are a little stumped.


Coolest idea by far. Permadeath is great.

Only downside is exploiters do exist. Anyone creating this game would get met with practically every exploiter on Roblox as they like to have ‘power’ over other players, especially if it can get them permanently banned. Goodluck to anyone who does this.


This one seems like a good and quite easy game idea!


It’s like the old mannequin challenge game. The players don’t know who the other player is, so they have to blend in with the NPC’s. It would be a good chance to improve NPC realism as well


I’m not gonna use any of these but here’s a random idea

  1. Where your a human for the intro of the game where you go to
    visit your friends house to test out a new machine he created which
    Can make you remember memories from the past but after putting the
    machine on your head and turning it on you wake up on a chair in an
    underwater base where there seems to have been a breakout or something
    and after walking around for a bit and opening doors encounter a killer
    robot which has some parasites around it’s body trying to kill you after escaping
    it you enter a dome which quickly breaks and water quickly starts rushing in and you
    pass out and you wake up a bit later in the same dome but you check your hands
    and your somehow in a diving suit you then explore the outside ocean and almost walk
    off into a deep abyss which is too dark to see anything down it you walk back and you meet
    a robot which believes it is human which is trying to attack you after that you make it to another
    base and find a card or something that allows you to enter it and the door is too broken to open
    using a keycard so you enter through a vent which you fall into a bathroom and you see something in
    the mirror so you get closer and you check your body out and you find out that your not human anymore but one of those robots after a bit of running around from other robot machines which can only detect you once they see you with their eyes which are lights you exit that place and then you find an elevator which goes down into the abyss which takes a while and after that you walk into a cave where theres glowsticks and you exit it where your inside a base now which there is no sign of life in you after walking around in that base for a while you find some stairs which you go up and find a old women who has survived one of the monsters roaming around the halls after talking about her being the only human left on earth except you the player which is a robot now who used to be human she begs you to end her life after all her friends and family died on the surface after doing that you find out that the year is 2104 but after leaving the research facility from the cave out to the abyss again there somehow is alot of wind or a current which you follow some glowsticks and find out there is some anglerfish down there but they are much bigger than normal and swim much faster you then go to another research facility and find an AI which you bring with you to a dome which has a launcher in it when you find out a leviathan 4x the size of you is following you trying to kill you but you make it into the dome and connect the AI to the launcher which launches something into space and suddenly everything turns off even the AI and you try escaping the leviathan again but fall deeper into the abyss which you then die. . .

There I just made a whole entire game Idea :slight_smile: Now you won’t need to worry about trying to make it yourself unless you want to add some things to it


I decided to make a small sequel to this post, so here are 26 more free game ideas. This took forever so don’t expect any more from me… I will return to my corner now :mouse:

  1. (2d) platformer based on cookie clicker
  2. Make an Age of Empires (or Civilisation if you’re uncultured) style game where actions in the past influence the future, and you can go back and forth in time
  3. A classic coop roguelike about endless boss fights
  4. Make a Death-Note style game where you play as Ryuk
  5. Make a fighting style game where instead of numbers, you gain injuries such as black eyes, broken legs and limb loss, and it’s permanent
  6. Make a replayable experience, but one playthrough must last for no longer than exactly 2 minutes.
  7. Make a game that’s so repetitive and tedious that it literally induces a mental breakdown, all for a badge of glory.
  8. Make an audio-only (horror) game with, optional visuals.
  9. Make a stealth game where you can insta-kill anything, even the final boss, if you stab it from behind.
  10. Make a game like Twister for a keyboard.
  11. Make a graveyard where your blocked users come to haunt you. You can obtain this through StarterGui:GetCore(“GetBlockedUserIds”)
  12. Remake an old Minecraft game called The Dropper, where you drop (surprisingly) into an tunnel and have to avoid obstacles
  13. Remake Wink Murderer, where if you have your eyes closed you’re immune. (You can’t see though sadly.)
  14. Take literally any non-open world game and make it open world.
  15. Make an engine to create a specific style of game (e.g. RPG Maker, Visual Novel Maker), and either open source or make it a UGC game.
  16. Make a game that fits the title “Whatever you do, don’t look in the closet.”
  17. A 3d platformer speedrun with a number of players, you can see the others as ghosts. There are multiple path options to choose which may be harder but save time.
  18. A fighting game where you cannot see other player’s health.
  19. Make either a puzzle game or a platformer where the camera is a solid object that can be jumped on, used for its weight, etc.
  20. A text adventure MMO. For a good example of this, try a game called Lusternia
  21. Make a first person shooter about military cute anime girls, with a gacha system. Be honest, it would sell, wouldn’t it?
  22. A multiplayer trading card game.
  23. A game-ified version of the Angels Problem, with abilities and possibly more than 2 players
  24. Make a game about an infinitely high ladder. Bear in mind, you can potentially knock other players off!
  25. A game about mainly being underwater. There is way too little of those, even though there’s so much potential
  26. An Animal Crossing style MMO… imagine Discord, but instead of talking in a text channel, you wander around and chat to friends while doing things like farming and fishing.

Wouldn’t that just be an MMORPG that doesn’t save?

Good list though, definitely a good few ideas here.

  1. An MMORPG where leaving the game kills your character permanently.
    that one isn’t great because well people have to leave at one point cmon
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Give them an amount of time away from the game. The more time away they spend, the weaker their character gets. Or, have a life-based system where you can gain back lives.