4 Years Experienced Scripter [FOR HIRE]

About Me

Hey! My name is FriendlyBuilder24, I am a 4 year experienced scripter I will need to use gyazo to send pics and other stuff because I do not know how to use anything other then gyazo to take pictures. If you would like to see more pictures of UI Designs or something please tell me in devforums or on discord!



A admin script

These 2 scripts are the same just couldn’t fit them in 1 pic
This is an Anti-Exploit Manager



From 1-10, I am always available so that would be a 10 except when I have school or something. The most time I could be online for is on Saturday and Sundays because it is the weekends, and I can sleep late and all that stuff.


We can work out how you will pay me and how much, I am not a noob at scripting so don’t expect the payment to be a small amount. I also take Game Percentages so don’t worry about that!

Extra Support

This is just for answering your questions! Someone asked me how long in terms of hours am I available because they do not understand what I mean by 10, so for them I’d say in terms of hours 10 hours.


You can contact me here on the devforums or on discord

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Why is your title 4 years when you say you have 3 years of experience? Also, why did you re-post the topic you posted just now.

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The first time I started scripting was this day and its been 3 years and now it’s the same day so that means 4 years

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I’m interested in your services for my longterm project, are you taking longterm jobs as of now?

Yeah, have discord? if yes add me

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