[50K R$] New survival type game called CrossLife (OPEN)

Able you able to give us what you tasks we will be doing? This post is vague.

I am a good animator! i would like to take the job

So really depending on what you specify in but:

Builders: Builders will make assets (buildings, little bits and bops) to add into the game.
Music Composer: Music Composers will make the general sound tracks of the game, ie the intro song etc.
Voice Artist: Voice Artist will make the sounds of people breaking their legs ie “ugh” stuff like that.
Blender Modeler: Blender modeler will be modeling the guns and on character assets (Hats, plate carrier etc)
UI Artist: The UI artist will be creating all the UI for the game. They’ll mostly be in contact with the scripter to talk about what why and where.

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Discord??? 30 charsssss

Whaddya mean? --------------------------------

And we don’t need an animator anymore

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I am interested, here’s my discord tag AtomicNuke#0677
I sent you a friend request, here’s my portfolio too.

Hey i applied for your other post before, and you never responded, what happened?

No programmer or anything??? thrity characters

Sounds pretty cool, I’m considering to take up your offer. You may hear from me in the future!

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Hello I am interested in the building role, you can contact me on discord at Dinosoreo32#0306 or via dev forum. I have updated my portfolio: [OPEN] Professional Builder/Modeler Commissions (LOW POLY AVAILABLE!)

Hello! I am interested in the builder/modeler position. Here is my portfolio. SignsDev Building portfolio!
Some things I have done in the past.
Member of dev forum.
Member of DevEx.
Member of beta program.
Owner of Cloudy hearts daycare.
Owner of Signs Studio.
Holder for Nooby interactive.
Worked on Open World’s.
Worked on Realm craft.
Worked on Booga Booga (contributor)
Co owner of Taties cafe.
Affiliate of Quarters Asian studios.
Admin of baki no baki
Super fan of Mushy studios.

Hey, I’m interested in the Builder position, sent a discord friend request. 16JAY#7379,
Thank you.

I’m intrested for 3D modeler

Portfolio : [OPEN COMMISSIONS] Low Poly 3D modeler | Red1Monster

Discord if you liked it : Red1Monster#3623

im open for the ui job


I sent a discord friend request, I am interested.

I’m interested in the music composer position, here is my portfolio:

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