A backdoor disguised as a "fast load" place

how are we gonna do that if we dont know the server for it

what would be better is to only let trusted developers put models up onto the page then there wouldnt be viruses

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Good idea actually, only models that can sho on the front page are approved, and must be also approved if they update it…

fixing the botting vvould help too and favorite bots…

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they got terminated or banned,
it shows 404 error on page,
1 down, 2 to go!


check scripts, or better yet! make the plugins yourself! :exploding_head:
or make your own scripts!!!

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Or Check the plugin source code.


what a wonderful idea, why didn’t i think of that,
or check the plugins comments
(if it has comments on)

While I agree that people shouldn’t be shamed for using free models, I also think that people should know the risk of using Free Models. You should know that every time you use a free model, you run the risk of inserting an exploit into your game. So while I understand your point (I still use some free models!), I also want you to know that people should kinda be held accountable.


I had a similar issue. It was in one of the plugins I had so it corrupted all my games.

This backdoor is very famous, and it leads to a server side which name I will not discuss.
It teleports you to this “fast load” place because you have your HTTP services turned off.
You may say, why is that?
Well, the server sides need logs of the games they backdoor, and they do it through discord webhooks. But, if you don’t have HTTP service on, they cant send the webhook message. So… they teleport you to a game WITH HTTP service on, log your game, and move on with life.
I know this from experience. All you should do is run a scan with GameGuard Antivirus, or just search for “Teleport”/“TeleportService” in scripts.
Note: If your game is pretty popular (idk, 3 players all the time) then you should do something, quick. The users with the serverside will just destroy your game because its somewhat getting players, and your game will die out

Roblox just announced a new Third Party system that will check for any third party purchase prompts or teleportations! This means that games like this will no longer function since the place was not created by the infected game’s publisher! ROBLOX is listening!


Nice! What we need next is a game option to disable third party modulescripts altogether.
Or maybe allow you to whitelist specific module script IDs.

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I’m neutral when it comes to these topics. The reason why is that this is a wake up for developers to stop screwing around and do something, not just going through pages of free modules/plugins and adding them to the game, anyone can do that. If people who do that call themselves a developer, I’m sorry, you deserve to be infected. For the others, it could be a mistake, sure, but how? Anyways, that’s the reason why I do kinda support that community, now for the reason why I kinda don’t. There’re people out there who would like to insert 18+ content in little kid games. Yea, sure, I won’t mind people using scripts to kill others, but showing people 18+ content is a big no for me. The games that I think that should be infected, regardless of the “developer” or game settings are scam games and condo games.

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Is it just me or has this also stopped my visit count from increasing? For the past 4 days or so my game has been staying at above 50 to 150 players but the view count is still at 98.0k.

Hey! This is the most accurate answer here as I have lots of experience with backdoors. This game is used to log virus-infected games. If http is off on your game, teleport service bypasses it and teleports players to the game quickly and sends the game ID to the game it was teleported to. This game then forwards the data to a discord webhook, and makes it available to the public to exploit. I suggest removing this ASAP as your game will be destroyed.

Hope this helps!

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How do I remove it? It appears to only exist in the lobby/starting place.

Please scroll up to the pinned post.

Although this is a issue, You can look in your game for any scripts that you didn’t added. I recommend naming your scripts. Check your plugins code too. I am sure BTR can check this script in the plugin. Hope this helped! :grinning:

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may you explain what “BTR” is_____________________

Better(idk what the T means) Roblox