A Dependable Source of Truth For Your Revenue Reports

Hi Creators,

We know you want access to timely and accurate revenue data. Historically, we’ve provided three separate places where you can get this data:

  1. Sale of Goods CSV export in the My Transactions and Configure Group pages

  2. Monetization Analytics page for a specific experience

  3. Developer stats revenue export

Today, we’re making the following updates to ensure that your reports are accurate and consistent with your payments:

Deprecating the developer stats revenue export to facilitate clarity

You may notice slight differences between the deprecated developer stats revenue export and the two other sources. These differences are attributed to a number of factors including timezone aggregations as well as underlying data source updates. The Sale of Goods CSV export and Monetization Analytics pages are generated using transaction level data rather than aggregations to ensure consistency.

These inconsistencies in aggregation did not impact any payments.

Updated the Sale of Goods report to remove failed transactions & failed VIP server renewals

When we launched the new Sale of Goods CSV on January 19, it erroneously included listings for failed transactions and VIP server removals. These listings were omitted from reports beginning on February 14, and you may now re-download the reports for a complete and retroactive look at your sales.

Moving forward, you can rely on both your Sales of Goods CSV and your Monetization Analytics page as consistent sources of truth for your revenue data.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns regarding these changes.

Thank you!


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This is nice and all, but unless I am confused, you just removed the only source of commission sales reporting. The new Sale of Goods CSV only includes servers, gamepasses, and group owned item sales. They do not include third party sales. Some of us rely on the data provided in the CSV export from the developer stats page. Can you point me in the direction of where I am able to download all monthly sales data for our experience?


I see commissions just fine. Raw sales data is the download button above stat frames (top right of the screenshot I gave).


You see them in the downloaded CSV data, not the graphs? I am talking about the itemized data showing each purchase. On the Sales of Goods page. The data from that chart is only the summary data used to build the chart.



As someone who develops multi-place game, this is a huge blow to analytics as I can no longer see the revenue of individual places and gauge how well sales are between said places. Both the Transaction/Configure Group places and the Monetization Analytics page only provide the universe Id, not the individual place ids.

Ever since the release of Creator Dashboard analytics, multi-place analytics has been going down the gutter, first with general information like visits and playtime, now with revenue statistics. I made a feature request last April regarding this problem (There is no way to currently pull specific place statistics in the Creator Dashboard) I’m surprised this isn’t a priority considering that a good portion of front page games use sub-places.

Outside of the place id, it does seem that we can no longer see what device purchased the product, which was also a very useful measurable statistic which will be missed.
Also I couldn’t find commissions in the group sales data, so I guess we just can’t see what items were sold as commissions

We lost access specifics to an entire category of commissions, lost some individual specifics for everything not a commission, it’s more convoluted to get the sales data for a single game since you have to get it from the group and sort things out if the group has multiple games, and there still is no support for multi-place games.


Thank you for this announcement. I have a simple question. Will you offer automated ways of grabbing the Sale of Goods CSV file?

As a developer, I use these stats as part of a computerised system to accurately calculate wages and the profit of my experiences, it’s lovely to see this correlation of stats but given you have to press a button, wait for an email, and then give this data manually over to a system is a pain to my workflow and to the people I work with.

It’s just easier to just use an API to automatically grab this data, automatically do all the relevant maths, and automatically pay out people. I hope you’re able to at least improve this very important workflow to reduce the amount of unneeded work if offering an API like before is not possible.


It’s possible I’m missing something, but I don’t believe there are menus to show:

  • Isolated Premium Payout Revenue for larger time periods than just a day (per month) (important, this cannot be calculated by developers through game code if Roblox’s menu screws up)
  • A way to see each individual game’s whole revenue picture on the same group
  • Analytics for group income

Roblox also needs to specify whether these menus are showing revenue pre-30% tax or post-30% tax. Historically they have been both and changed pretty much randomly.

A lot of groups like mine conduct payouts on a monthly basis so having this data would help reduce errors in monthly payout calculations.


Why are premium payouts still separated from revenue? Or no total (estimated) premium payout shown?

Developers who have multiple games in 1 group don’t know how much each game makes unless they add up the premium payouts manually. Would be useful to see an experience’s real, exact revenue.


At least we get to know the total of the items obtained without having to go to the transactions page


Thanks for your feedback and questions.

We are working on providing a separate Commissions download feature for individual accounts and groups. Standby for an update in the coming weeks.

You can download your sales data for your experience using the sales export CSV for the individual or group that owns the experience. For experience level reporting, you should be able to filter the CSV based on universe ID back dating back to August 16th, 2022. Unfortunately for transactions prior to that date, we do not have the universe ID.

The placeid can be found in the sales export CSV as the SaleLocationId.

Thank you for the feature requests such as offering API access to Sale of Goods, groups level reporting, and Premium Payouts reporting. We will consider this feedback for future improvements on our roadmap.


Hi, it’s actually impossible to figure out where our revenus is coming from because it’s spread across my profile and 4-5 other groups, with some groups having multiple games.

It would be really awesome if I could get a pie chart showing where my money comes from per a title, or even a list, sorted by title and then reaggregated.


I agree with this, it would be great to see a feature like this implemented.


Is there any reason why the “sales-report-download” endpoint on the Economy API is super rate limited? I tried to download (technically generate an email, not what the endpoint suggests) 12 reports and I got rate limited, this isn’t really helpful where I need to download multiple reports over different groups and also download some historicals for our company reporting.

The rate limit seems to stay for over an hour before it actually resets and I can start calling the API again.

Update: Almost 10 hours later and the rate limit is still in place.


I would really love to see Roblox provide more fiscal data for the individual Roblox player. Currently, I only have a choice between Week, Month and Year to see any data about my account. I, as someone who does Roblox full time, would really like to be able to see the income and outgoings of Robux during a specific time period.

I don’t think this would be hard to implement at all, as it is almost certainly implemented this way on your backend. Please give us more options for viewing our account fiscal information.

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Are the Hourly Revenue and Daily Revenue statistics on the developer’s revenue page accurate?

We operate 3-4 games, and one game’s Hourly Revenue revenue data is significantly different from the daily revenue data. We calculate revenue from 8:00 am to 7:00 am the next day based on the Hourly Revenue table.
However, this number is inconsistent with the data generated in the daily statistics for the same game.
The data for the other three games matches up well.

Also, Is there any time limit for downloading the sales of goods with group income, such as exporting only once a day?

Because I have submitted many requests, so far I have only received one email.

Could you let me know which experience you are referring to that has significant difference? Thanks
One thing to remind is that our data is always UTC so when you add up hourly revenue, also you need to use the UTC day to make sure it aligns with our daily cut off.

【Hourly Revenue (Last 72 Hours)】,【Daily Revenue】,What’s the difference between the two,In my game head fly race, the revenue per day was 300,000 robux Use hourly income statistics, but the total for the daily revenue was indeed 160,000. I wanted to know why.
I downloaded the income statement of 72 hours, calculated from 8 a.m. on 26th to 7 a.m. on 27th, and took it as the total income of 26th. Before that, I had been using this method to calculate Daily income, final result and [Daily Revenue]
There is no difference between the two, but since the 25th, there has been a very big gap in the data. Our Game is[ Head fly race ],Please check the data for us

Thanks for the reply
This is my game link