A part type with absolutely no physics


As a developer I want to move parts around that don’t interact with anything physically, and roblox makes my game slower when I do this because it updates a ton of unnecessary physics data every time any part moves. These parts are used for effects, effect emitters, adornments to other parts, map detail, etc.

Most of the parts I create from lua are not intended to interact physically in any way.

So I suggest a new part type that doesn’t have any physics interactions. No collisions, no gravity, no Touched event, nothing.

Allow Meshes in Attachments
Parts unaffected by physics
Remove minimum part size for parts with no collisions



100% support


Ye support


Interesting. Kinda like how collision groups work, but without the collision bit.




Attachments? Can you please give a more clear use case I’m having trouble seeing what this would be used for.


When you put a mesh/particle/light/sound in a part solely for the visual effect, roblox does a bunch of physics operations in the background for no reason. This takes up unnecessary processing time and it can become significant very quickly, especially with a lot of these effects.


I believe particles, lights, and sounds all work in attachments as of recently thanks to @Davidii.

I could see a use for it on meshes, though. Sometimes I wanna weld things on a character that do absolutely nothing ever physics wise.


This doesn’t make parts obsolete. You’re restricted to a zero-size emitter if you use attachments.


this has gotta happen, support

it’d probably not be placed in “BasePart” but more into its own seperate group “NoPhysicsBasePart” (or something like that)
“NoPhysicsMeshPart”, “NoPhysicsUnion”, all that stuff.


There’s tons of uses for it. Parts that don’t interact with physics and can’t be detected by raycasts and pathfinding service and all the jazz.

Basically a way to create lots of lightweight parts that don’t lag if you make tons at once.

Could be used for things like flamethrowers, tree leaves, fog, special effects, and distant details.




In Unity, this is the default behavior until you explicitly add in certain physics components for an object. Of course, this would be counter to Roblox’s original vision of everything being simulated in-game (is that still the ultimate vision?)

I think this feature would be great for game makers. But I’d love to see some stats as to how much performance gain is achieved by doing this versus anchored and non-cancollide parts. Especially on mobile.


Since the dawn of time we’ve been able to make things anchored and non-cancollide, and people have done it in nearly every popular game. It has huge performance benefits compared to simulating every single thing on the screen, which allows games to both look decent and run on phones. But the performance benefit could be so much greater if there was a way to completely ignore all physics.


indeed it would


we need this


Support - Even for inanimate objects like grass that just sit in the workspace, this would be useful for. It would allow for a lot more particles and a lot more detail without sacrificing performance. I would, however, like to make sure that this would include meshes placed into the parts. Foliage would be a great use of this.


we still need that …


Wow, I didn’t know those things work directly in an attachment. That’s a step in the right direction.

And yea I also need the ability to stick a SpecialMesh or MeshPart on a character that does nothing with physics