Remove minimum part size for parts with no collisions


As a developer, it’s impossible to make parts small enough.

Example 1:

I want to downscale a model (e.g. make model a toy, or scale down weapon to realistic size that I initially built big for convenience), but there’s a thin part somewhere in the model that prevent the rest from scaling down because it can’t get any thinner.

Example 2:

I need to make a part or group of parts completely flat to force perspective or reduce visual artifacts:

  • Terrain clipping for footprints
  • 0 distance between SurfaceGuis on opposite sides of a part (imagine 0.05 gap of air between both sides of this floating text)
  • Create a near-flat piece of paper on a transparent clipboard (can’t just clip through clipboard since clipping will be visible due to transparency). Example

For objects this small, I won’t be using collisions. Tools like weapons will be CanCollide=false, super flat objects like paper, footprints, or floating holographic text will have collisions disabled, and when I’m making toy-sized items like the car I’m going to disable collisions and use a single/simplified collider that covers the whole model.

The minimum part size was put into effect because collisions with very tiny parts were unpredictable, but because the small parts I use always have collisions disabled, the minimum part size should not inhibit my workflow. Parts with no collisions should not be subject to the minimum part size. This may not be backwards-compatible with scripts that instantiate parts with no collisions at size 0,0,0 to achieve the minimum part size, so it would likely needed to be implemented through a new type of part or some other means.


I’m running into this problem with imported mesh weapons.
Here is what it’s supposed to look like:

Here’s what happens because of scaling limitations:

I support removing the minimum part size for parts with no collision!