A Supermarket Improvement with my Developer

Hi, so sometime in November I posted a picture of I supermarket I made with @Mr_Ane21 and people quoted it “Simple and Blocky.” “Improvements needed.” So at the time I rushed the shop with my developer but I have done improvements and hopefully you will like it better than the other. Of course I’m still doing improvements but here are the Main Elements I added.

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Hello, so I have made and improved a supermarket with my developer @Mr_Ane21 and yeah I am interested for feedbacks from people. Of course I am still upgrading the supermarket and stuff but I want to show you how its been going so far.

Video and Tour of Store (Recommend for better views and understanding): robloxapp-20211126-2106368.wmv (6.2 MB)

**Pictures (ignore the baseplate and terrain outside the shop for now I will design the map soon):

Please use the right words when responding with your feedback and looking forward and appreciated to see them. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey there.
I don’t really like how much surfaceguis you have in the shop, also I do not like the flooring. The way how the products are put in the shelves so perfectly and evenly also looks not right. Also the cash register just doesn’t look right, try to make look something like this.

Good luck on the build tho! :smiley:

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Thank you. At least I am starting to make improvements on my builds with my friend developer. But yes of course I will make it something more realistic/high quality! Thank you :+1: :slightly_smiling_face: