A Surplus Of Open-Sourced Terrain Maps

Major, and I mean major update! Added 3 new massive maps! I also updated my donation center link, so you can check that out too.

Happy New Year! :tada:


Very cool looking maps! If I ever decide to use one of them, I’ll be sure to give you credit!

Awesome, thank you very much! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve always been jealous of terrain artists, smooth terrain is one of the trickiest things to work with. These are very good, and huge!


These look amazing! But there was one thing I noticed in your post

Now that the games you’ve provided are open-sourced, anyone could use these and do what you said not to do, such as resell or claim they made it. It’s free for anyone to use in any way

As stated before making a game uncopylocked:


That’s simply false. You cannot resell them per the devforum rules. (AFAIK) Using open source work on your portfolio is also against the rules, along with claiming others work as your own.


I didn’t mention using it in your portfolio isn’t allowed; however, once making it open source you forfeit your rights and anyone can use your work in any way (this includes republishing, reselling, claiming it as your own, etc).

What I mean by claming as your own is claiming it outside of the forum. Though it may not be allowed here, anything can be done on the main Roblox website (though I am aware you can’t republish terrain, this only applies to models)


Fair point. I was referring to on this forum.

Are You Serious? I have never seen So Realastic Terrain before!

This maps definitely look great, I can really see there has put in alot of effort! Keep going my G!


Does this not use Gaea to generate the terrain? I don’t think these should be so hard to make, your service expenses is really kind of high, don’t you think?

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It uses Gaea. Not sure what you mean about pricing as when I did terrain, they are custom made in Gaea and imported here.

I value my time at DevEx rates at $20/Hour, so large terrains take me 5 hours, thus 35,000 robux.


:o I think I’m gonna be a terrain artist now lol.

BTW great job on the maps and thank you for open sourcing them :slight_smile:

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I highly doubt you use the default Roblox terrain tools to import your maps; what do you really use?

That’s right-- I import them as a mesh using a Mesh Importer plugin, then I run a command line script to convert it to terrain.

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Mind linking the plugin? Thanks in advance

Here’s a forum thread that describes how to do it in detail; it’s tedious to learn, but it doesn’t take long; @FxllenCode is charging much too much for these maps, in my view; I was able to build one in about an hour, completely rendered, free, and ready to go.


That’s fine, nobody was forced to purchase one from me. :slightly_smiling_face:

Additionally, I do not offer my services for terrain anymore. I may value my time differently then you do.

There is no set pricing for commissions, you can always hire someone else.


Incredible to see people finding success with these tools!

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Me - Downloading a Terrain Map.

My PC -