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The following rules are subject to change at any given time. This will include: a rule departing from our guidebook, a rule being edited, and a rule being added. Aauvi reserves the right to remove you from any of our communities with or without reason. Please, be aware that not all rules are for all ranks. Some ranks will have specific rules that others will not.

Aauvi Community Policies

Upon joining our community, you agree to the following 3 policies, and the following rules.

Respect and Kindness

This guideline applies to ALL ranks and members of Aauvi. Failure to comply with this rule will result in you being instantly removed from our community without warning.

Distruption Policy

Purposely distrupting the workflow of our community is strictly prohibited at all times. You will be provided with a single warning, then a removal from our community without further information.


At all times, Aauvi has 0 tolerance for exploiting otherwise known as hacking. If your caught doing so by one of our administrators, you will no longer be welcome to our community.

[1] - Clothing
During your visit at any of our facilities, your avatars attire (clothing) choices must be acceptable. You will be notified by an administrator, and given a warning to change, if your choices bypass our policy.

[2] Bypassing
At Aauvi, we also have a 0 tolerance policy for bypassing roblox chat filter. You will be instantly removed from our environment.

[3] Impersonation
Impersonating any rank that you are not is strictly prohibited. Doing so will lead to a perma-ban from ALL of our facilities.

[4] Language
At Aauvi, our main language that the majority of our staff speak is English. If you cannot speak English, please attempt to use a translation device (if possible) else you will be warned by an admin and removed from the server.

[5] Untitled Rule
At all times, our administrators reserve the right to kick, ban, pban, or take even further action if they feel you are disregarding, or bypassing any of our policies.

Staff Guidelines

At all times, to remain a staff of the Aauvi Community, you must comply with the following terms.

[1] - Professionalism
At all times when working at the cafe, you are expected to remain civil and display professionalism while working. Failure to comply will result in a demotion, or even a staff-ban from Aauvi.

[2] - Grammar
At Aauvi, you are not required to use perfect grammar although as a barista, you are expected to send chats that are understandable, and that are in English.

[3] - Kindness & Respect
While working at the Aauvi Facilities, you are expected to display kindness, respect, and peace tword Administrators, Fellow Staff, Peers, and Customers & Guests.

[4] - Attire Policy (LRs)
While working you are expected to wear the Aauvi LR uniform. The uniform must be visible on atleast one part of your avatar. You are not required to purchase a uniform, as one is provided for you upon entering staff-only zones.
[DISCLAIMER]: If you purchased the gamepass that exempts you from wearing a uniform, you may disregard this policy.

[5] - Promotions
Promotions (to Lead Juicer and Staff Assistant) are given to specifically chosen LRs that are chosen by the MR, HR and SR team. Hinting for a promotion is strictly prohibited, and you will be demoted.
ex. walking up to an Administrator and asking to be promoted, asking for commands, etc.

[6] - Commands
As an LR (Junior Juicer+) you receive the ability to hand other players items, and call for an admin by saying β€˜!support’. Abuse of these abilities will result in instant demotion and an unappeable staff-ban on your account.

[7] - Administrators
At all times, you are expected to listen to what ANY administrator says or it could lead to demotion. Admins reserve the right to demote you if they feel that your negatively affecting Aauvi. Admins also reserve the right to edit, add or remove any policies.


Gamepass Policy

Upon purchase of an Aauvi verified gamepass (any pass that works at Aauvi) we recommend that you are aware of our policy.

*At all times, Aauvi does NOT do returns, refunds, etc. If you have an issue with a gamepass, did not receive the perks, etc please contact an MR+. We have the rights to revoke your privileges if they are misused, abused, etc.

All of these rules are expected to be followed while at any Aauvi Facility unless specified by an admin.

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