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:cup_with_straw: Aauvi Juicery & Cafe | Public Guidebook :cup_with_straw:

Introducing Aauvi!
:pineapple: “Fresh ingredients, Fresh taste.”

(Pronounced: aw-vee)

:coconut: About Us
Aauvi is a new and upcoming Juice Bar/Cafe on the Roblox platform. We specialize in providing the most exquisite, nutritious, and refreshing beverages. We aim to provide all of our customers with an unforgettable experience! Our staff cares about the well-being of our customers and ensuring the quality of service is positively memorable.

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:open_book: Aauvi Rules and Policies

:open_book: Important Information & Credits

:open_book: Promotion Information

:open_book: Affiliation Information

:open_book: LR+ Handbook

:open_book: MR+ Handbook

:open_book: Appeals

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:cup_with_straw: - Juicery
:coconut: - Training Facility
:palm_tree: - Applications Portal

:coconut: - Communications Server

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