Aauvi Juicery & Cafe | Promotion Guide

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:pineapple: Trainee - Intermediate Juicer
Visit the Application Portal
Pass the Application
Attend + Pass a Training Session

:coconut: Experienced Juicer
To rank up from EJ you must meet the following requirements

  • Your ROBLOX account is verified in our group and ranked “Experienced Juicer”
  • Your ROBLOX account must not have SafeChat
  • You must be a verified member in our Communications Server
  • You must have 3+ weekly hours of activity (Reference the Activity Manual for more info)
  • You must have ATLEAST 100 Points in game
  • You must not be previously staff banned (for security reasons)
  • You must follow all of our rules and policies
  • You must have a good reputation with the Aauvi Community

:palm_tree: Lead Juicer

  • You must follow all the requirements listed for Experienced Juicer
  • You must reach 150 Worker Points (We can make an acception for this, if its not possible)
  • You must possess the qualities of a hardworking, and professional Administrator
  • You must read the Administrator Guidebook (MR+ Guidebook)

Remember at all times that hinting can get you demoted! Following all these requirements will set you up for secuess when trying to reach your dreams of becoming an MR+!