Ability to change visual properties of individual chat bubbles

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to separate individual chat bubbles’ visual properties based on its content. While we can edit all chat bubbles together, being able to edit only one is not possible.

Use Case
In our roleplay game, we wish to change the appearance of chat bubbles based on whether or not they are an action. For example:

We would appreciate if this functionality could be built into the Chat:Chat() function as it would allow for us to easily customize the individual messages on the server (where the messages are sent from), or some similar way for sake of ease.

While we might be able to create our own chat bubble system, components deeply integrated with the roblox version such as the voice chat microphone icon aren’t possible to implement, meaning it will always be a worse experience to the player.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because the only way for us to add this functionality ourselves is by creating an entirely custom BubbleChat system, since the current one is hidden behind CoreGui. Thank you.


This is something we are interested in taking a closer look at. Thank you for the idea!
If you or anyone else can provide some real-world examples (such as the one you provided for roleplay text) of how this could be useful, feel free to continue posting on this topic. We’ll be watching this topic closely as result.


This feature would be very useful in my game, which has the chat window disabled and only has bubble chat, to offer a visual differentiation between chats in a public vs private context.

In my case in particular, players are typically only allowed to chat publicly but are sometimes offered windows of time in which they can chat privately with a handful of other players. It would be useful to be able to customize the messages sent in private, e.g. with a different background color.

There have been other posts in relevant threads requesting this feature also:


(and more…)

Most of these examples are specifically for whisper/team chat, but the API should ideally offer more robust per-message bubble chat customization that can apply to other use cases too.


This feature was added in the latest release:

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