Ability to Disable Future EnvMaps

Currently there is no setting to disable EnvMaps when on the Future lightning technology. This means this tech is always on and wasting resources when it may not be best for the games aesthetic.

The only way to disable EnvMaps right now is to turn both EnvironmentDiffuseScale and EnvironmentSpecularScale down to 0, however this removes the ability to use either of these lighting features without also having to use EnvMaps.


EnvMaps should have its own separate boolean property that determines weather EnvMaps are created or not.


:white_check_mark: I support this request. Until Roblox lets developers tell the engine exactly where they want environment maps to generate at (and at a actually usable resolution like Half-Life 2 and Portal, :mad: games from the 2000’s), I don’t want to use them, but I like the orb “reflections” produced by lights near glossy surfaces.

I always set parts’ reflective property to 0, which seems to stop the environment map from appearing, but does that always work? I have a small restaurant interior but perhaps Roblox can’t tell it’s indoors so that’s why those ugly environment maps aren’t showing up yet… :cry:

EDIT: I know some people have tricked the new Assistant into talking about instances that would give developers 2000’s-era control like I really want, but I don’t know if it’s getting information about other game engines or if Roblox is about to upgrade environment maps. (Oh, I hope it’s the latter! :angst:)


Bumpity bump! I’ve been an advocate for this for a long time, hopefully a feature request will give this attention.

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No they weren’t, Environment Maps were just tacked onto the SpecularScale for no reason, with no way to keep the original more simple reflections

Original announcement for specular/diffuse scale: Future Is Bright: Phase 2.5 Released


If your game is exclusively indoors and is not illuminated by the sun light source, you can set game.Lighting.GlobalShadows to false, which will disable cubemaps in future entirely. This will make the sun light cast no shadows though, so its only really a solution for indoor environments.

Not a viable solution for me as I have both outdoor and indoor environments

Hm, that’s unfortunate. Hopefully Roblox will pay more attention to EnvMaps, I just find them to be insanely lacking in general. Especially not being given control over their generation is what bothers me the most.

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