Future Is Bright: Phase 2.5 Released

Hey Developers,

Future Is Bright Phase 2.5 is now live! Big thanks to the Art and Rendering teams for making this happen.

This is enabled on all platforms and we’ve tuned the effect/quality per platform and quality level.

Image by @ArtBlox_406

What’s new?

Building off of https://devforum.roblox.com/t/future-is-bright-phase-1-released and https://devforum.roblox.com/t/future-is-bright-phase-2-released, we’ve modified our lighting system to adopt a Physically Based Rendering (PBR) model. PBR allows for an industry standard way of authoring materials and more predictable visuals under different lighting conditions. Material authoring will come later.

We switched to a new specular BRDF and have tried to maintain a similar look to before, but some built-in materials will look a little different.

The most notable difference, however, will come from Image Based Lighting (IBL) where we use the environment map (skybox) as a source of lighting information.

How do I use it?

Two new scriptable properties control the IBL amount:


Valid values for these properties are [0-1] where 0 represents no IBL contribution, 1 full IBL contribution, and (0-1) a mix in between.

EnvironmentDiffuseScale controls the amount of view independent lighting reflected from the environment, scaled by the objects color. Note that this is added on top of Ambient and OutdoorAmbient and can be used in place of Ambient and OutdoorAmbient. We recommend setting both of the Ambient controls to 0 and using EnvironmentDiffuseScale.

EnvironmentSpecularScale controls the amount of view dependent lighting reflected from the environment. This gives the “mirror-like” reflections, dependent on the objects roughness property. This lighting is most notable on metallic materials.

The example above shows the two sliders with different values. The sphere uses the built-in Metal material. Also note the colored highlight.

Another thing to notice is the effect of the Fresnel term seen around the edges. The Fresnel term is dependent on the viewing angle and describes the ratio of diffuse vs specular reflected light.

More tips

When both properties are set to 0, lighting should appear similar to before FiB 2.5.

To get the most of the new environment lighting and PBR, we recommend:

  • using Voxel or Shadowmap mode
  • setting Ambient and OutdoorAmbient to Color3(0,0,0) or a low value
  • setting both new properties to 1

Since we only use the skybox as a source of environment lighting (when outdoors), the choice of skybox will have a big impact on the final look. Choosing a skybox with a ground (or dark color) should lessen the light coming from below.

What’s next?

Control over the PBR material properties … stay tuned!!


Its beautiful. I never imagined roblox looking so great! It is indeed amazing how far the rendering system has gone, even better it is a free to use development platform!

Also, will the defaut ambient settings for new games become Color3 0, 0, 0 as it as seen as to get the “most out of the new environment lighting”


Woah this is amazing, finally a new lvl of builds for the common folk!

Decided to make a simple showcase with this…



It’s about time! Can’t wait to use this! Get ready for some next-level visuals coming onto the center stage!


Absolutely stunning visuals! I’ve been playing around with the hidden properties for ages now and it’s unlike anything I’ve seen on Roblox before. Everything has a lovely realistic quality, even on regular Voxel lighting. It also helps to colour the ambient light correctly for the skybox.

Great update as always!

Also, does this update fix the problem with ‘greasy’ terrain materials? (iirc, zeux mentioned that it was a side effect of the previous material system essentially treating everything like ‘painted plastic’)


Spectacular! It’s so beautiful.


Nice to see PBR lighting coming to Roblox; I’ve been waiting for this for ages.

Is there a roadmap for upcoming changes relating to Future is Bright? I haven’t been able to find one.


Amazing! I’m happy to see all the cosmetic changes, such as grass, and this!


Feels like GTA V is gonna come to Roblox and other games that are likely followed… maybe copyrighted but…

Roblox isn’t roblox anymore. I like this thing that you can even change it to old Roblox Styled-like.


Wow, thank you for this it will be sure to help us out alot!


Cool stuff, as always! Are there any updates on volumetric lighting? Is it still planned?


This is a huge step up for future releases. I expect games to be a lot of detailed with the new Phase 2.5 release. Marvelous.


This definitely takes lighting to a whole new direction!


Volumetric lighting was never an official part of Future is Bright; what you’re linking to is a community-made ‘hack’ to simulate it with multiple transparent planes. This would be better suited as a feature request.


Oh, my bad! I swear I remember seeing it as a planned feature at some point, though I’m probably just remembering things wrong.


No worries! I’d definitely like to see it too; just wanted to mention it before this thread gets too busy, so other people don’t get confused :slightly_smiling_face:


Excellent work. Cannot wait for Phase 3 and beyond! However, as far as I’m aware, this feature released towards the end of November for both studio and clients. What took the announcement post so long to be posted?


God almighty, this is stunning! PBR materials, better mesh support and advanced skyboxes combined with FIB 3.0 will be the beginning of a new era for roblox and I couldn’t be more excited.


This has been available for a while, but it was only accessible through scripts as the properties were hidden in the properties panel. I’m assuming they were doing some testing before the Christmas break and are only getting around to properly enabling it now.


This is gorgeous! I love the way the foil material looks with this!