Ability to disable new GUI features



As a Roblox developer, specifically a programmer and UI designer, it has been made exceedingly difficult to create new UIs with this forced new feature regarding GUIs.

I understand it is to make UI creation easier and more user friendly for new developers, but as an advanced UI designer, it does nothing but create clutter and stand in my way of making new UIs.

It does not help me by displaying the number of pixels of padding between different frames, and it does not help me by displaying the size of the element I have selected. I already have the properties window open, and it is how I’ve always created UIs. For UI elements that are sized with scale, the AbsoluteSize X and Y dimensions shown, in my experience, are not helpful.

I am already accustomed to how it was before, and the obstructive overlaying dimensions do not positively contribute to my user experience. This feature should be optional.


Mm, this latest update has really caused problems :laughing:

I believe all new features should have a sensible, full disabling feature, similar to how the old UI editor used to work, as well as the Lua Debugger (which was problematic, but it could be disabled so /shrug).

As well as them simply causing issues, a lot of us like to customise our workspaces so we don’t need to see or use irrelevant features.


Here’s a way I tested, courtesy of @evaera, to temporarily disable the editor.


This is like if the base move, size and rotate tools were migrated to the transform tool. At least they gave us a choice then.


I have not seen any Roblox acknowledgement on this, despite the overwhelming opinion being that this should not be something that is forced on developers. We have different workflows, and this is something that is popularly obstructive to our experiences.

The dimension elements overlap my interface and I accidentally drag frames around while working, both of which have thoroughly been discussed in several other threads, and none of which I have seen were acknowledged by any staff. I am unsure why this is being overlooked.


I seriously have to delete the UI editor plugin every time studio updates now wow…


I don’t mind the outlines. I certainly prefer them to the previous blue outline we saw. But the click and drag features are annoying and useless to me.