Ability to influence order in which Teams are displayed in playerlist


Currently there doesn’t seem to be a specific way that Teams are displayed on the player list. This makes it difficult for me as a developer to order teams in a predictable order that works for my game, regardless of order of instantiation, name of the teams, etc.

My request is a DisplayOrder property on the Team Object which can be any integer. Teams would be displayed in ascending order. The default value is 0.

E.g. Team A has a Display Order of 1 and Team B has a Display Order of 2. Team A would appear first in the player list with Team B second.

If there are Teams with the same DisplayOrder then those teams would be displayed with the same ordering that they do right now (whatever that is).

Developers would find this feature useful as sometimes the order of teams look weird such as a team for a Lobby being inbetween two opposing teams, as the develooer of such a game I would want the lobby at either the top or bottom with the opposing teams being next to each other; this feature would allow me to do that.

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Support. This is a very important thing to have for games that use teams and want them to display in a certain order.

As an example if you have 3 teams - Lobby, Red, and Blue, you’d want Lobby to be the first team on the leaderboard (or the last), but instead what could happen is that Lobby could be shown in between Red and Blue, which does not look right at all.