Ability to organise assets (into folders) in your Inventory

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to have an organised inventory on the website/studio assets tab. I want to make my development environment as clean as possible to maximise productivity, but in a fast paced workplace, mistakes are bound to occur and now you’ve got something wrong in your inventory.

Since we developers are unable to delete assets that we do not need nor desire, at least give us a way to maintain a clean inventory. This will make assets with the same Name and Asset Image easier to find or distinguish from one another.

An example of this feature would be something like what Google Drive has

Proposed solution

My personal suggestion would be that we can make folders to store assets in. Folders would have the following functionality:

  • Colored or given Custom Icons
    So that developers can find/distinguish folders quickly
  • Named
    For organisation and uniqueness
  • Shared
    For better collaboration with development team
  • Hidden
    Because privacy matters
  • Pinned
    For easy access to important folders

If Roblox is able to address this request, it would improve my development experience because I’d be able to spend less time sifting through assets and I’d be able to keep a better overview of my inventory. I see that this would be a great feature for other developers to benefit from and people like me (with OCD) who favour clean working environments would greatly benefit from features like this.


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I agree with this, it would be a really nice feature to have. The only part I disagree with is making the folders hidden (unless by choice of the developer) because some developers may want users to be able to save folders with free assets in them to their own inventory. I think making folders in this way would be too cool, and would be a nice replacement for Sets which I believe were deprecated last year (?). Either way, I’ve been thinking about this for a bit I just haven’t made a post, but I’d love to see something like this brought in.

cough especially with the trash search algorithms for roblox studio toolbox cough cough