Ability to Permanently Delete Our Uploaded Content

This would be amazing! One major problem though, UGC… If the UGC creators of accessories or clothing have access to delete their content, then they can potentially steal their assets back after however many people bought them.

A way to go around this is basically 1 of 2 ways.

Make it where you can’t delete accessories or clothing,

Or what I think would be better, is once you delete it, it becomes “unlisted” everywhere but the player’s inventory. Not even the catalog unlisted section will display it. Otherwise someone can spend a lot of robux on a certain asset and it end up being deleted.


The conversation is mostly about IP, but I’d like to add that sometimes uploaded content just needs to be removed or edited. Images or songs or models or what have you that simply aren’t going to be used anymore could be removed and at least clean up the view of the develop tab.

I’ve recently had an issue where I noticed some very old decals of mine had a missing pixel or two, and the solution isn’t to just delete it or edit it, but to upload a whole new version and have both just chilling on my group.

Additionally, there are a lot of old models in my account that I would like to delete for every reason from cleaning inventory to peace of mind. Right now, I just upload a brick in their place and later replace them with any new models I might make. This, of course, is not ideal, because it doesn’t preserve the order they display in either.


Bumping this.

I’d like to be the manager of my assets I upload to this platform, and I want to delete them whenever they want. Archiving isn’t always a good solution. It hides the asset from the players, but sometimes I have things I want to be gone forever.

Children who can accidentally permanently delete their assets aren’t my problem. All major platforms have the ability to permanently delete uploaded content, Roblox is just outdated to not have an option like that.

Please address this issue. It would improve my developer experience because I wouldn’t have to think 5 times before finally uploading something.
I also don’t want to go though the entire GDPR process to delete a decal which I uploaded 5 years ago and never used.

How would this benefit Roblox?
It would save storage capacity. Lots of assets are just sitting in the storage while they are never used. Having the ability to delete them will free up space.


Agree with the dude above. I dislike how what naïve people do are suddenly my problem and me, as a developer, has to magically navigate years of stuff. We’re often told that archiving fixes all of our problems. It doesn’t. If I own the IP of what I create, as outlined in the ToS then, it would make sense for me to have the option to delete my own work whenever I want. Having the massive digital footprint is extremely costly and wasteful for the mere argument that “omg someone will hack me and delete my stuff” or that the security sucks. Both of these, as far as I’m concerned, are not my problem. Roblox being a major platform without the option to delete is just silly.

If the main issue here is deletion, do what most sane people do and have a period of time (~20 days) to recover what has been lost. After that, there’s no point in trying to save anything. I feel like using an archive as a “haha u noob I banish thy” is abusing the point of an archive. I would typically use an archive to save stuff that is meaningful to me not to remove things completely out of view never to be seen again. Plus, it’s only a matter of time before your archive becomes a mess and you’re back to square one where moving to another account is better. I feel like moving to another account is probably a decent indication that this is horrible UX.

As a developer, emailing people over deleting content that you own is not favorable. If we, as developers, own the content then, it should be that we, as developers, can delete it.

Also as a side note, vulnerable accounts are made vulnerable by the following:

  • Weak password. People use things that can be easily guessed at. Birthdays, names of siblings, etc. Use a strong, complex password.

  • Don’t click any links that random people or people you know give you. One link can download a file which can trigger a range of issues. If you don’t know what it is, don’t press it.

  • Don’t flex what you got on your account. People target accounts that have value: limiteds, robux, groups, games, etc.

  • Failing to verify your account because for some weird reason on this platform… verification is still optional. Verification should be forced. A user should have to verify before they make it to the home page. This whole notion of “verify later” is severely flawed.

  • Don’t go searching on the internet for free robux or free unlimited premium. Both of these don’t exist and the sites that claim to have it are in-fact malicious.

  • Don’t paste things into your console via developer/debug tools via any web-browser. Most, if not all, execute code to steal your authentication cookie. With a cookie, they can do anything will your account. Auth cookie does not require a username and password. All it has to do is be passed into an HTTP request along with an CSRF token and your account is compromised.

  • There are bots out there (ranking, group, etc) that use backdoors to pass your auth cookie to textfiles, external databases, etc to an unknown source. Read code. Make sure it does what you want and only what you want. A lot of people out there download stuff and have no idea how it works. Research.

Seen as all of these are 100% avoidable unless the site as a whole gets breached and we’re all screwed, I personally think that the argument that “omg my assets gonna be yankee doodle yeeted” is a bit of an edge case (mostly based on age & naive-factor) where the mass majority of users are relatively safe from.

yay moar securityz