Ability to Permanently Delete Our Uploaded Content


As a Roblox developer, I have been on the platform for many years and some content that was uploaded in the early days of my account includes images which are currently not allowed on the site. Prohibited intellectual properties are a big one for me and are what brought me to create this thread. Said content has been deleted from my inventory, but this does not protect me from more unavoidable moderation at some point in the future. I’m sure that many others have some copyrighted content lying dormant which they wish to remove from the site themselves, but are not able to.

For example, I have uploaded images of a Glock 17 handgun in the past (a decal for each side) to help with modeling the weapon in-game. One of these images landed me a warning, and the rest are just sitting there until I eventually receive another warning or ban for each of them.

Proposed Solution:

It would be amazing if users could permanently remove their own uploaded content from the site at any point. Some users may see this proposed solution as a way to simply avoid a deserved ban. However, I see no harm in having the user be the one to remove the content from the site, rather than waiting (for what could be years) until it’s finally removed by a moderator.


On that note I would love to be able to delete some of my games/places. My create page is a mess


I accidentally uploaded a song with several bad words in it about a year ago, and I didn’t realize it until later on, and since you can’t delete it, I thought I would just be awaiting a ban, potentially worse than if it were caught immediately by the asset approval team.

However, I emailed Roblox telling them of the asset, saying that I would rather have them find out from me, than to find it later on and ban me for potentially trying to get away with it. In response they said they appreciated my “forthcoming and honesty”, and that the assets were now removed, without any penalty to my account.

I do think that we should have the ability to permanently delete assets, considering we own the content that we upload to Roblox.com. This would indeed prevent unwanted bans from content you could’ve uploaded a long time ago, but at the same time, you can email to have said content removed, without having your account penalized as well.

I think a better reason to allow us to delete assets we upload to the site is that we own what we upload, therefore we should have the right to remove it as well.


I think the main argument against this would have been to prevent people who gain access to vulnerable accounts from doing damage, however with the new security Roblox has in place, I don’t feel like its that much of a threat anymore…

Edit: I’m in favour of this feature.


Maybe have like a 30 day period in which you can undelete an item before it disappears


Even if that were the case, deleting an asset could make it invisible and unavailable for use, actually being deleted 30 days later or so.

Likewise, accounts that are deleted aren’t actually deleted (immediately at least), and they can and have been rolled back. So I think Roblox could deal with account damage if it were to occur.


See https://en.help.roblox.com/hc/en-us/articles/115004647846-Roblox-Terms-of-Use in the section titled “Ownership of UGC and License Grant to Roblox” for exact details on the agreement associated with uploading content to Roblox.

Also, worth noting, you only “own what you upload” if you are the copyright holder of the uploaded content. There are lots of things you can uploaded without ownership, such as royalty-free content, content you’ve been granted permission by the copyright owner to upload (covers most commissioned game art and music), etc.

Deleting things like old decals is tricky. If something’s been in the toolbox or free at any point (or even just referenced by ID), removing it could break thousands of games.


Yeah I agree. Many people are improperly using my meshes that I imported to Roblox, how they got a hold of them I don’t know, but if I can permanently delete them so nobody can use them again, I would do it in a heart beat.

Roblox please consider this idea.


I should’ve been more clear in saying that “we own what we upload”, so long as what we’re uploading is ours, and that we are the copyright holder. Not to confuse what we own with what we upload; not everything we upload we own, you are right. However, I don’t see why we shouldn’t be able to “delete” what we upload regardless if we own rights to it or not.

For things like deleting old decals, the asset reference can still exist for compatibility purposes but it would be invisible from the toolbox, our develop pages, and so on and so forth. It would be treated as if it were content deleted to some degree.


Some of this is achievable already. You can delete your own assets from your inventory, and they will not show up under My Decals in theToolbox, for example. It’s not currently possible to hide them on the develop page though. You can also uncheck “Allow Copying” on the decal and it will not show for anyone else in the Toolbox, or come up in Library searches unless “show unavailable items” is checked off, which is a useful ability for finding asset ids from your own unshared assets or those of group members or fellow devs working on your project.

But none of this really addresses the OP’s concern of having assets that no longer meet Roblox guidelines. I think your approach is the best. If you (a dev) knows you have rule-breaking assets associated with your user, it is probably best for you to pro-actively reach out to Developer Relations in good faith to get them removed.


We need this


Yes please!


should be removed if you are searching someone other than yourself.




Isn’t there something in the GDPR which outlines the right to erase certain content?


Doesn’t this mean Roblox legally has to do this for those living in the EU? :thinking:

Make it a feature for everyone if that’s the case lol.


To my understanding, it’s not really a “feature” for EU users. They have to personally reach out to Roblox staff and await a human response. At least, to my understanding, but I’m not from the EU and I have never tried it.


I did it a year or two back and got a response telling me to take the decals I linked off-sale and remove them from my inventory :expressionless: and that they wouldn’t delete them.

A month or two back I got a ban (which was resolved) for some of those decals I was trying to get rid of earlier. It’s like you’re just sitting here waiting for a ban and you can’t take personal responsibility and resolve these sorts of things before they become problems.


I think it is about time players should have the ability to delete assets that they have created. Especially now Roblox has just rolled out an Update to 3 Strike IP Infringement Policy. Players should be able to delete assets that could potentially get their account deleted.

Why do I want this feature to be added:
I feel now that Roblox has introduced the new IP Rules developers should be allowed to delete assets they have created. A lot of developers have properly uploaded material that is against the rules that may have not been previously. Developers may have also uploaded material when they were children that is against the rules because they didn’t know about copyright. This puts a lot of accounts at risk of serious moderation. This is why developers should be allowed to delete the assets that they have created to stop their accounts from being moderated. Otherwise developers are just sitting their waiting to be moderated for an asset that they know is against the rules. That’s just unfair!

Roblox has gave us an email to send our potential rule breaking assets to. This is an issue because what if a developer doesn’t have an email address. This then means that developer wont be able to get their rule breaking assets deleted meaning that they will get moderated. The other issue with this is that it could take a very long while for their rule breaking material to be deleted meaning that they are at risk of being moderated even when they have requested for the material to be deleted.

What if in a months time a developer uploads an asset that is against the rules and then just after they upload it they resize it is against the rules. They have no way of deleting it, meaning that they will get moderation on their account for not being able to delete an asset that they know is against the rules.

The developer should be able to just click delete on the asset and then it goes into an archive for a few days allowing the player to un-delete the asset. Then after those few days the asset is automatically deleted. The reason the asset will be held for a few days is because a player may accidentally delete the wrong asset meaning that they can un-delete it.


As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to delete old models and scripts.

If this issue is addressed, it would improve my development experience because we would be able to delete some old cringey projects and just overall clean up our accounts a bit.