Ability to rearrange badges on the game page

The Problem

As developers change their games and add more updates, they typically add more badges that correlate to changes they have made to their game. These added badges are added at the bottom of the badge list for the game, which can leave the game page looking messy if they are associated with a group of badges that were created before the developer releases an update. This can easily be fixed by allowing developers to re-arrange the order of the badges of their game. The badges being located out of place can cause a developer’s game page to look messy.

A Few Examples

Here are a few examples of games that I like to play that could definitely be improved by allowing devs to re-arrange their badges. Their game pages currently look a bit messy.

1. Natural Disaster Survival

When Stickmasterluke updated Natural Disaster Survival recently, he added two new badges. One of the badges added another achievement for beating a certain amount of disasters, and the other is a certain map achievement for launching the rocket on a certain map. These two badges look out of place and messy by being located at the bottom of the page.


These two badges should be located up with the rest of the badges, the 1000 Disaster Survival badge should be the last in the series of badges that rewards the player after a certain amount of survivals.

The achievement for launching the rocket should also be located at the end of the group of badges for map achievements.

2. Bubble Gum Simulator

As Rumble Studios developed Bubble Gum Simulator, they added pets to the game after they had already created their badges for achievements for blowing bubbles. But after they added pets, they added more content to the game that allowed them to create more achievements for larger amounts of bubbles blown.

Ways Implement the Solution

I made a little mock-up of how Roblox could implement doing this(sorry for it being somewhat low quality, the badge isn’t entirely accurate but you get the idea). I made this picture using the configure game page on a game. Also, I realize configuring badges was moved to Roblox Studio, so I’m sure a similar method could just be added to Roblox Studio.


Here is a summary of what I added in the picture, not all of these have to be implemented, but I just compiled my ideas on the picture

  1. Add an up and down arrow that allows developers to click to move the badge up and down a position by 1.
  2. Add a number box that allows developers to type in a number that moves the badge to the number that the developer submits, then everything from that number originally could be moved down by 1.
  3. This may be harder for Roblox to make, but they could add a button that a developer could click and drag the badges around to the desired position.


Roblox should add a way for developers to re-arrange badges to their desired order. Without this feature, it leaves some developers’ game pages looking messy and unprofessional.


I’d like to be able to rearrange badges as well


I would love to be able to re-arrange badges in order to keep track of certain orders of badges such as joining the game, found the creator, and beaten the game.

Anywho, I’m in the middle of a situation of making badges for my game where I have to have a certain order of badges from common to achieve and sort so it can be easier for me as a developer and for organization to be actually “organized” for once. If this was an actual feature that Roblox would apply to badges for a certain game, then it would be easier for developers to organize and set a certain order from one badge to the other.

^ The example you’ve given for dragging badges on top of each other is actually brilliant and more efficient to handle and use.

I can’t stand having to upload badges in an order from first to upload is at the top and the rest go down in a row, rather have a system in place to order badges from X value to X value.